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on Bogged Down and Surrounded by Lions and Elephants- Virtual Safari #205

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Are you now the proud custodian of the Pink Pouch Sean?….

Well, I guess it is up for discussion but at the end of the day if I did receive it, it would have only been for 24hrs as one unfortunate ranger found himself in a sticky situation the following afternoon.

What we would do without Lion and his tractor?

What would we do?

Senior Digital Ranger

That was a pretty awesome ‘drive’! Too bad about the ‘pink pouch’! The lions looked entertained, though. Btw, congrats on the 1 million Youtube subscribers! I am one, also.

It turned out ot be an awesome drive indeed. I think the lions were thoroughly entertained. Thank you so much, Debra.

I love that the lions are completely unperturbed by the tractor. I wonder what they think of it? “Oh look, Brother, here comes that funky beast… Haven’t seen it in a while…” In all seriousness, it just goes to show how safe they feel, which is a true testament to your habituation strategies.

Senior Digital Ranger

Hi Sean, congratulations on taking a stint with the p.p. looks like once you were pulled free the lions thought “ok, show’s over”, Haha. Nice they still gave you the opportunity to follow and get some great footage!

That is pretty much how it felt. Maybe they were waiting for me and once I was out they thought ok great now we can go.

Life is always an adventure Sean, thanks for sharing yours. By the way, the elephants and the lions were beautiful to watch.

Life really is always an adventure and I am lucky that every day my adventure entails something along these lines.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sean..better you than me….fun afternoon. We got stuck in the middle of the Serengeti way off road and spent the night in the Land Rover…at least that’s enclosed aa contrasted to your open vehicle. May 2021..we still visit the sight…looks like an airplane ditched there is such a big hole where we dug out. Another great safari story..Jim

Thankfully I didn’t have to spend the night there. That would have been a little edgy. I guess every safari has a story to it.

Oh no now you have to wear the pink pouch, so sorry Sean you really were stuck in the sand. Awesome shots of the elephants and I had to smile at the little calf in the water trying to keep up with its mother. Lions are always a good sighting and today’s sighting was stunning. Glad you got out and could carry on shooting video of the lions.

Thankfully it turned out to be a stunning afternoon and we still got some great footage.

Hi, we all enjoyed the video so much, it must be a real nuisance to get in that situation, but also what a fantastic experience, with the mother elephants and their cubs, a big male in must and the two large lions roaring… simply the best! Once again, their trust in you are touching, especially the mothers with their calves, a wrong move can push mother elephants to charge, but they are so wonderful in the river enjoying their lives. Never get enough of lions roaring!

It can be a bit of a nuisance but at the end of the day it is all part of the adventure and adds to the stories I guess. At least we didn’t miss out on much by being stuck.

Incredible scenery and footage of the afternoon and evening events. Worth every minute of the 24 hour pink pouch penalty Sean, thanks for taking one for the virtual team!

It was such a spectacular afternoon and I couldn’t agree more the scenery around me was stunning. Happy to take one for the team.

Whoa, such an epic viewing of the elephants crossing the river, especially seeing that really little one at the rear of the herd, but then, navigating to get a better view of the lions – the dreaded wheels stuck in sand, pink pouch moment! Perhaps you receive a pass since it’s for the virtual safari…. At any rate, that final view of one of the Plains Camp males walking towards you illuminated by the spotlight is spectacular! Great shot.

Thanks so much, Denise. All in all it was a spectacular afternoon and I had a great time out there irrespective of being stuck.

What a super exciting afternoon you had, Sean. Are you in possession of the pink pouch now?
The video of the elephants is absolutely fantastic. This big group walking majestically through the water – just wonderful. There is always so much going on at Londolozi, it’s amazing . And it’s also great that the animals aren’t disturbed by the presence of the cars or even the tractor at all.

So if I was to have been awarded the pink pouch, i would have only had it for 24 hours as one unfortunate ranger found himself in a slight pickle the next afternoon and had to call for help. All for good reason of course. It is great that the animals are not affected by our presence out here.

Thanks Sean for a gea

Thanks Sean for another great Virtual Safari. I just adore the sound of ellies moving through water, I can feel my blood pressure dropping as I watch and listen.
The Plains Camp males looked like they were interested in your predicament, I’m sure they were saying “well he’s definitely getting the pink pouch!” Did you have to bribe the other ranger to get stuck soon afterwards and so avoid the humiliation?

I also love the sound of the ellies walking through the water. No luckily the other ranger got himself stuck without any external influences, haha.

Maybe that huge bull could have helped you out!! It was comical to see him jump like he did when he was surprised by the lions! You gave the lions a good show. Does the one lion have a small injury on his front (right I think) paw?

The elephant did get quite a big fright when the lion moved. I thought he knew they were there and wouldn’t have jumped so much, so it was rather comical. The one did have a small injury on its paw, around the dew-claw.

An unexpected, but really cool drive Sean!!

Thanks so much, Paul. It ended up being a great drive.

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