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Reece was born and raised in Johannesburg where from a young age he nurtured his love for the African Bush through countless holidays to the Kruger National Park. It was here where he found his 'happy place' and it would only be a ...

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on Powerful Precision: The Fascinating Feeding Finesse of a Nile Crocodile at Londolozi’s Shingi Dam

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What an exhilarating thing to witness. I’m glad you were there to capture it.

Thank you very much Chelsea! It truly was a special sight!

Reece, wonderful pictures of the nile crocodile feeding. They are frightening creatures up close. It is no wonder that they have survived for a very long time.

Thank you very much William! They really are the epitome of apex predators!

Amazing pictures! And when I was looking at the closeup of the scales of the tail, I thought I was seeing a picture of the Loch Ness monster!

Thank you Michael. Yes indeed, this crocodile’s size sure makes it seem that way!

Amazing photos, Reece and a very interesting blog on crocodiles and their tactics and habits.
Though the crocodiles’ strategy to survive are stunning, they are also quite frightening. They are animals I would not like to get to close to.

Thank you Christa. I could not agree more! They are definitely predators that deserve a lot of respect.

Wow Reece, it is actually frightening to see the strength of these apex predators. Such brutal force to tear the carcass apart and gulp a piece of meat down. Nor wander I am so scared of a crocodile. Your photography is outstanding which is not always easy taking photo’s of water. Thanks for the information on this incredible scarry crocodile.

Thank you Valmai, I really appreciate that. They are such fascinating creatures. It is a privilege to be able to witness them and their intricate behavior! I’m so glad I was able to capture it.

Yowse!! Great shots of a thrilling sighting! Good job, Reece!

Thank you very much Mary Beth. It helps to be in the right place at the right time!

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