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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on Spirit Of Survival- How On Earth Did This Wildebeest Get Away?

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Wow Kyle what a story. Wildebeest, wild dogs, and crocodiles all in one morning, daring to live and survive the perils and opportunities in nature. Thank you for sharing the story and the pictures.

Wow, now that’s an epic story to be shared around the flickering flames of the boma fire. It once again shows that in the wild, anything is possible, even escaping the anxious jaws of a crocodile through the power of fear, will and determination. Great photos Kyle!

WOW! Well written edge-of-your-seat excitement! So happy for the determined little calf!

What a horrible adventure for the poor calf, Kyle. Nature in the wilderness is indeed – as you say- unforgiving and it is an eternal fight of being eaten or eating. You have described the excitement so well. I am happy for the poor wildebeest that has fought so bravely for survival.

Yay! Hurrah for the calf! After the sad story of the leopard cubs, this is a great tale of resilience, of life triumph over death. I watched a documentary on a little wildebeest calf, first caught by a lioness, that suddenly changed her mind, protected her from hyenas then let her go back to her mum. The title was Survivor. In the end, after surviving the great migration, she becomes mum at her turn! A beautiful story of will to life like your tale. Wildebeest are great fighters I always liked them a lot

Kyle what an exhilarating morning you and your guests had watching these wild dogs chasing the wildebeest. Shame I feel sorry for the calf that was nearly eaten up by the crocodile. Just goes to show the unwavering will to live of the calf and making sure it is out of the water. Very glad it is back by it’s mother. The wilderness is forsure unforgiving, but today the will of survival won.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, what an amazing story! that is one unlucky and eventually lucky wildebeest. Thanks for sharing.

What an ordeal! Let’s hope this wildebeest calf doesn’t have anymore scares for some time. How thrilling it must have been to witness.

Wow, what an exciting and harrowing story Kyle! Your description of all the action was amazing, but the level of detail as the wildebeest found its way into the watering hole and in proximity to the croc added to the unfolding drama brilliantly. I really did feel as if I was there with you all! And as you mentioned, it’s nice when it turns out well for the prey on occasion!

Just how many lives has this calf used up already? Nice to have a happy ending!

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