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Keagan has always had a connection with wildlife, having been lucky enough to visit Londolozi as a child. After growing up in Johannesburg, he attended boarding school in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands where weekends were spent exploring the reserve and appreciating his surroundings. ...

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on Cryptic Chameleon: Camouflaging and More

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Such entertaining creatures! I hadn’t known the females typically die after laying eggs, but it makes sense that their job is done. Very similar to octopuses. I hope to see one in the wild someday.

Amazing photos and a really fascinating article on these so spectacular animals. Though tiny in comparison with lots of animals, they are certainly magical ones. I love looking for them in the bushes on the way back to camp in the dark.

I love this game of spotting the chameleon! Although my tracker was really good at spotting this camouflaged lizard, my ranger was almost as sharp. They are very unique creatures in a number of ways, but the eyes are the most prominent. To watch them move independently is amazing, causing me to wonder about how the movement affects their balance. Obviously there’s no problem. They’re just one more fascinating animal to view whilst on a drive and it’s fun to find one.

Hi, did you find out why it was walking on the road? Maybe an escaped attempt to prey upon it, or a territorial tactic or an attempt to find a partner? Or prey? The pictures are fantastic, I particularly love the one it freezes in front of you. Those little animals seem to come out of a science fiction story…

I read female chameleons do not eat after laying the eggs.. if the hatching takes up to 12 months, how do they survive ? do they incubate the eggs ? or leave the nest ? .. thank you

I’m enamoured of Londolozi blogs featuring background creatures. So, this is a favorite.

Fantastic insight Keagan on the Chameleons body, eyes and colour changing. Fascinating little reptile and absolutely magnificent the way they change colour. Their eyes working independently until they have focused on a prey, then they focus combined. Love the light green colour, as you say Keagan then they are relaxed. Do you get different types of Chameleons, or is there only one type.

Keagan, thank you for the information on chameleons . They are one of my favorite animals top watch. They have adapted well over time .

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