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Megan grew up at Londolozi and has been passionate about nature since a young age. Her path led her to a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Studies and Social Media Marketing. This journey came full circle when she joined the dynamic Londolozi Creative ...

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on Londolozi ~ A Mecca for Wildlife Photographers

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Senior Digital Ranger

What stunning picutres! Thank you for sharing.

Beautiful pictures today Megan. Photographic opportunities are everywhere but, Londolozi offers some of the very best.

Megan, Thanks for the reminder of how Londolozi is “a Mecca” for photographers. We can wholeheartedly agree and have thousands on images to prove it! The Ranger team is so helpful with getting things set up right and finding the amazing sightings. The Photo Studio is the icing on the cake with great photo editing support and the wonderful prints we take home!

Megan such beautiful foto’s taken from your Londolozi Rangers. They are expert photographers and they know how to do post processing as well. Guests have everything to their disposal and an exceptional Ranger taking them out on drives to see those amazing animals. Then to go back to the studio and do post processing on their foto’s with the guiding hand of the Ranger. Everything the guests need are immediately at their disposal.

Londolozi is definitely a destination for all nature enthusiasts as well as photographers who yearn to capture that once in a lifetime moment. But I also believe that it is important to put whatever device you’re using to record aside for a time, and just enjoy the moments that present themselves to you. In my world, that is being one with nature….

Senior Digital Ranger

I couldn’t agree more. Im still going through my photos from June! I keep finding more that I love. Matt and Terrance were amazing and a great help finding the best shot and the best spot!

Londolozi is indeed a paradise for wildlife photography. So much so that one cannot stop taking photos of all the exciting sightings.
You have chosen great photos for this blog, Megan

Even if I had zero interest in wildlife photography, I would still want to come back to Londolozi for all of these reasons. It truly is a mecca for wildlife viewing–whether through the viewfinder, your binoculars or your own two eyes.

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