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on Sunday Morning Lion Romance- Virtual Safari #192

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Senior Digital Ranger

Great episode, Sezn. Glad to hear the Skorro Male is still a presence on Londo.

Yes, the Skorro Breakaway Male is still hanging around here, which has been great.

Great video Sean, it is always interesting to spend time with the lions.

Spending time with lions is special.

Hi Sean, well that is good news as we can then be expecting new lion cubs soon. Very clever of her to mate with different males, so that she can be sure they will not kill the cubs, as the different males thinks those cubs are his. To me it sounds and looks a little quieter mating sessions as with leopards. Usually with leopards the female is quite aggressive after he has mounted off her. Never the less exciting to see them mating and we are waiting patiently for the cubs.

Yes, we should be expecting some more lion cubs in the not so distant future. So this was a very calm, unaggressive mating bout between the two. It can also be as aggressive and loud as leopards.

Great video Sean! Always interesting to learn more about Lion dynamics! It will be great to hopefully see the cubs when they are born.

The lion dynamics are constantly shifting and changing and can be difficult to keep up with at times.

Thanks, Sean, for this great video on those mating lions. As you said: Watching lions is always interesting and often very entertaining. Good to know that there will soon be some new cubs around.
By the way, have you ever seen the Tsalala lioness mating? I wonder whether she will do so soon.

We are getting excited about the prospects of some new cubs in the future. So I believe the Tsalala Female was seen for the first time mating in the very recent past.

It’s always interesting to see lions mating, but even more so, that the female is the one to initiate the proceedings. In your video, there appeared to be a bit of coyness as she reached out to pat the Ndhzenga lion. Perhaps it’s just this pair, but there wasn’t much snarling or growling, compared to leopards I’ve seen mating. I’m waiting for the news that Tsalala has been discovered mating – that will be great news!!

There wasn’t too much snarling and aggression between them at all. Maybe it was just this particular bout, I know it can be just as aggressive and loud as leopards.

Hi Sean, will she get back to the Talmati pride thereafter? And has she mated with other males as well? Lions are always a hot topic, interesting and entertaining!

Yes, she will go back to the pride afterwards. I think she has been seen mating with the Skorro Breakaway Male and the other Ndzhenga Male.

Senior Digital Ranger

Ouch he really seems like he’s hurting! She however is one big lioness and seems to dwarf him. She also feels very dominant in this situation. Interesting pairing and such a dynamic video! Great footage.

She is a very big lioness and he is a slightly smaller male.

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