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Nsuku 2:3 Male

Nsuku 2:3 Male

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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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Senior Digital Ranger

So many wonderful pictures to choose from. Ellies, zebs, cheetah, lions. My favorite 2 are young elephant calf for a much-needed drink and the dwarf mongoose.

Thanks Sandra. I also particularly enjoy the young elephant calf one too. The colours came out beautifully.

Senior Digital Ranger

Chris. Your TWIP made my day! Thanks for sharing another stunning week of Londolozi wildlife. I had to add several of your sightings to my favorites. This is as close as we mortals not in Camp can get to nature’s magnificence!!

Thanks Camille. That’s great to hear. I’m glad you enjoyed the images!

Chris, my favorite shot this week is the dwarf mongoose peeking up from its burrow. I also liked the story told behind the female hyena carrying part of a kill back to her den.

Wonderful collection, Chris! Indeed a great variety. I particularly loved the look of the hyenas face–you can tell she means business. I also loved the simplicity of the single wild dog amongst the landscape. I could feel the vastness of space, and it was framed up beautifully.

You’ve made it very difficult again to pick a favourite, Chris. The 2 sunset images of the giraffe and leopard are stunning, but I think the Senegal Bush male pic edges it for me, because of the gorgeous light on him.
A question for you – while admiring the wonderful amber eyes of the young male cheetah, I wondered if young cheetah cubs start off with blue eyes, same as leopards and lions?

Hi Chris,
I love all your photos. The light in all of them is really wonderful.
There are three favorites, this time, though: The Ntsewu Lions greeting each other, the Hammerkop with its fish and the elephant baby trying to get to the water.
Thanks for all the beautiful photos.

Lots of great lighting pics this week! Love the ellie pics best tho this week! Cheers!

Wonderful variety of beautiful photos, Chris. And two of my favorites: the hammerkopf and a mischievous dwarf mongoose.

Great variety as you said, Chris as great theme of wonderful use of the Golden hour!

Oh and the hamerkop and the fish a standout!

This time I liked all pictures. Even the hyena that is the ugliest African mammal (and I wrote my multiple thesis also about hyenas. Undisputedly interesting but definitely ugly) has something special in this picture, the almost impossible frailty of a lone mother returning to her cubs. The Senegal Bush male is my 1st choice. Simple regal, unique, a king in his kingdom. The Ntsevu affectionate lions, the wonderful noble cheetah and the giraffe at sunset. All big cats…
Also the wild dog, which I rarely like because of its ferocious eyes and frenzy attitude (and it’s not a beautiful mammal as well, neither nice or funny as adult so I rarely find an occasion to like the photo) in this photo it is really quite something in general. Great pictures. Loved all

Excellent TWIP, Chris! Love the golden light bathing the Senegal Bush male and the zebra dazzle. But the hammerkop and his fish dinner was my fav!

Hi Chris, my favorite this week is the Ngungwe female lying high up in the tree. She looks so relaxed and she’s going to sleep there for the night. Beautiful images you showcased of different animals.

My sister’s choice is the little elephant cub among the adults, I didn’t notice it before, it’s absolutely adorable!

Brilliant TWIP Chris, bravo!!

Beautifully edited Chris, your TWIP! I enjoyed the variety of animals and bird, and especially those shots taken in the golden hour. I’ve many favorites, but standouts include that portrait of the cheetah(the eyes), the Ngungwe female who looks just like her mother, the dwarf mongoose, and of course the always desired sunset image including a giraffe. Well done!

Chris, What a great set of shots and a great update! Our favorite image is The Xinzele Young Female in that amazing tree!

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