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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Thumbela 4:3 Female

Thumbela 4:3 Female

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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Week in Pictures #609

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Senior Digital Ranger

Haven’t heard anything about the Tsalala lioness lately, can you help with that please?

Hi Tammy. She is alive and well. We’ve seen her roughly 4 or 5 times in the last two weeks. Usually she is found directly north of the camps, still roaming around on her own. She has actively been seeking males to mate with for the last while so here’s to hoping she might have a litter of cubs soon. Let’s wait and see…

Senior Digital Ranger

So very hard to choose a favorite. I think the Talamati lioness pose as she looks off.

Thank you, Sandra. I’m lucky I pulled my camera out as I thought it was too dark at the time.

As always: Amazing photos, Chris. I love all of them. Very beautiful how you caught the saddle billed stork in the photo with the lovely reflection in the water.

Thank you, Christa. It was a lucky shot to get. I hope you enjoy your upcoming stay at Londolozi!

Thanks Chris. One more week to wait. Nearly impossible.
I am sooo looking forward to getting to Londolozi again.

Chris, great pictures for TWIOs. My favorite is the Xinxelle lung female on a rainy afternoon. Just a well framed and focused picture.

Thanks William. She is a beautiful leopard to photograph!

Wow Chris, what an amazing TWIP thank you for sharing. Impossible to choose a favourite. If pushed, maybe the close-up of the Avocado male, or or or – really very tricky. Looking forward to that separate blog on the incredible morning.

Great selection of photos Chris! Will see if I can figure out your mystery leopard! Was that hyena with the torn lip seen in the northern part of the property? I saw a hyena with a similar wound back in June while staying at Elephant Plains Game Lodge north of Londolozi and the Elephant Plains Clan is called the Northern Clan by Londolozi.

8 different cheetahs….that’s amazing! So hard to pick a favourite when they’re all so good, but I’m going for the stunning Ndzhenga male striding out in front of Kyle’s vehicle.

Lots of ‘golden’ images this week , Chris! Beautiful! The face of the Avoca male is my favorite; makes me want to know what he’s thinking…

Chris, beautiful images this week in Twip. My favorite this week is the Xinzele female looking up, those colours are just stunning. So many lions on Londolozi now. The Ndhzenga male walking briskly after having a run in with the stunning Skorro male looks good. I am sure soon there is going to be a huge altercation between the lion prides.

Hi Chris could it be the Nkova male although he is normally in the South at Lion Sands ?

Another great collection, Chris. Substance of course, and style too. And that saddle billed stork, landing with its reflection in the water. Was that just luck or did you try 100 shots for that?

Hi, all pictures as usual deserve a merit but I’d chose the Xinzele young female as she’s the epithom of beauty, the Avoca male for his peculiar look that’s always striking but marks a delicate stage in life where he’s in a difficult position; and the wonderful lionesses especially the one with the sunrise that seems to smile. I am elated to know that cheetah are thriving! That proves that the species is successful, if only they find proper environmental conditions. I’m looking forward to reading more about them. I’m also glad to read that the Breakaway Pride is thriving as well.

how wonderful to see all these beautiful animals! so sorry I can’t make it this year! Victoria

Senior Digital Ranger

great pictures of the week!!!! Love the Ntomi male. Hope he stays close!

Well done Chris! Particularly liked the shots with Kyle’s and Jerry’s vehicles behind the subject slightly blurred!

Great stuff Chris. Thanks for keeping my heart in Londolozi…

The shot of the Avoca Male!!!!!!! Gorgeous! Does he live a mostly solitary life?

Great photos…but I do prefer the ones with no people in them. Seems like so many want to show how close they could get to the animals. I am more about not causing them to change their behavior. It’s ultimately about the animals and not the people, although I understand we need people’s money to protect the animals:-)

Great to see mighty Mohawk still looking in good condition, I hope we have a good few years left in him before he starts his nomadic journey. Is it true that the Southern Avocas have vacated Sabi Sands altogether?

My favourite this week has to be the Cheetah with the black and white background.

Thanks Chris for this great TWIP!! Do you think the remaining Avoca male would team up with the Skorro male and form a coalition?

Thanks Chris for sharing your collection of images taken during the last week+. Scrolling through was like opening a present. My favorite was the stunning portrait of the Avoca male who reminds me so much of the Birmingham males. If I was to choose a a couple more, they would be the Talamati at sunrise and the Ntsevu female and cub. You know something is good when you reach the end and are looking for more!

Love the photo of the Avoca Male

Senior Digital Ranger

Love the photo of the “toe beans” of the Naomi male. The write up about the photo provokes s great many thoughts on this gorgeous male!

Another great week!!
Just love looking into the eyes of the Avoca lion
They go right into your soul… beautiful!

Super photos , as always

Back to Londolozi and the blog after a brief depature. Leopard sighting has been extraordinary including a close up with the Mashaba female who has not been mentioned lately.

it would be nice if the last Avaco male hooked up with the Tsalala female and started a pride. 🙂

Leopards and lions galore! What is not to love!

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