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on Wild Dog Pups On Londolozi- Virtual Safari #182

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19 pups, that’s crazy!
I’ve been fortunate enough to see wild dogs in Londolozi a number of times, but one game drive in particular stands out. We found 7 adults and 6 pups lying up on the road. The adults had already hunted, and seemed very happy to lie in the shade of our vehicle as it was pretty hot by then. The cubs were fighting over a regurgitated impala ear and were chasing one another around and under the Landrover. We stayed with them for a long while, feeling immensely privileged to be watching one of the most endangered species in the world at such close quarters.

Senior Digital Ranger

so amazing to see wild dog pups and their interactions with one another. Their markings are so beautiful. Thank you for allowing us to view this.

The best part of seeing wild dogs is the interaction between adults and pups. Love their chittering, but – oy! – nineteen pups!?

Sean, What a fantastic sighting! We just missed it – we had been up and down that road a few times with no luck… Just shared your video with some of our grandchildren and they were mesmerized and loved it! We hope to bring them with us on our next visit to Londolozi!

19!!!!! So great! Curious the adults leave the pups out in the open like that while they are gone…seems they would be vunerable…why don’t they hide them like other predators? Or maybe just the case of so many?!!

What an absolutely brilliant sighting of all these wild dog pups – 19 rambunctious hungry kids! I can’t imagine how what seems to be less than 10 adults can feed all those hungry mouths. Inasmuch as these pups have all their colors, and look to be a few months old, it would seem they’re about ready to head out with the pack in search of food, so they’re not so dependent on regurgitated scraps. It was so much fun watching the action, but I noticed at the end of your video, one of the adults seemed to be teasing the pups by running back and forth through them. Maybe it had something more to offer…..

That was so exciting to see those wild dog puppies playing and then eating. They are certainly a handful
and each one has different markings on them, which makes them even more unique. My goodness those adults have to kill impala everyday to be able to feed those 19 pups.

When Barry heard the feint noise the little pups made and they found them we could hardly believe our good luck: 19 pups. These adorable cute animals were so lively, playing around running into the trees and out onto the road again. One of the very best sightings I have ever seen.
Good luck as well that they moved right into the centre of Londolozi the next day. I hope that they will stay there for some time.

Senior Digital Ranger

Loved this! Wild dogs are such a fascinating species from the way they take care of one another, to their playful antics to their gorgeous coloring. This was nothing less than delightful! Thank you!

Wonderful video Sean, the wild dog pups are certainly rambunctious .

We just witnessed these pups with Kelsey and it was an incredible sight and we will never forget! Thank you!

This is absolutely incredible! WOW! All that vocalisations is special

Cuteness overload! Do you think the alpha and beta females gave birth in this case? 19 seems extreme for one mama, but they all look roughly the same size and age. I’m so glad they have all made it this far, and hope they continue to thrive. Those adults sure have their work cut out for them, but they look like they’re doing a great job.

Woohoo!!! Wild dogs are my absolute favorites, and your brilliant video, Sean, is an incredible treat!! These pups are each so beautiful with their unique and varied markings. And them fighting over food and playing is a shear joy to observe. Thank you soooo much for sharing this experience. I know I’ll watch it several times!!

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