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Megan grew up at Londolozi, where her love for nature blossomed. With a degree in Visual Studies and Social Media Marketing, her journey came full circle when she joined the dynamic Londolozi Creative Hub, where her love for nature and visuals finds its ...

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on Safari Through the Seasons: A Year-Round Adventure at Londolozi Game Reserve

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The newborn impala with its tender mum is one of the most touching and vibrant images I’ve ever seen. A priceless moment

Hi Francesca – the image of the newborn impala and its mother is indeed a priceless moment. I’m so glad you enjoyed it.

Meagan, thanks for the lovely trip through the seasons.

You’re very welcome, William.

This is an informative article highlighting each of the seasons Megan and thank you for that. I’ve enjoyed my stays in both summer and autumn, and have planned my return for October, 2024. I’m assuming this is spring and am curious to see if I notice the difference between it and summer. So far autumn has moved into my favorite season, but who knows- spring could replace it!

Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your experiences, Denise. I’m delighted to hear that you found it informative. Your planned return in October 2024, during the spring season, sounds exciting! It will be a great opportunity to compare spring to your favorite autumn and see if it might become your new favorite season.

I hope to one day visit Londolozi. But if i were to those i would say every season is special and unique. The seasons remind me of life itself. There is a time for all and everything. Thank you – I really enjoyed reading your blog. It almost felt like i am there.

Absolutely, Gawie. Each season in nature brings its own unique charm and purpose. I’m so glad you enjoyed the blog and felt a connection to Londolozi.

Each season brings something out in nature, that makes you experience each season for its different reasons. Your image of the mother impala and new born calf is absolutely gorgeous. Elephants playing in the river is always such a privilege to watch as is the sunbird with their beautiful colours coming to drink the nectar from the aloes. Such a paradise you live in.

Valmai, your words beautifully express the magic of experiencing each season in nature.

Londolozi seems to be beautiful at every season. My favourite one had been the beginning of autumn but the end of winter, beginning of spring has really been as wonderful.

Those are certainly wonderful times to visit Londolozi, Christa.

Beautiful, all year ‘round!

I definitely agree with you, Paul!

What season is not to like on safari? They are all great and special in their own way……never a bad time on safari!

You’re absolutely right, Lisa. Every season has its unique wonders and surprises!

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