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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on Office Monotony turns into EPIC Safari Adventure! Virtual Safari #180

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Thank u, for an amazing experience. Always great, to see the next cycle of life, being presented. Will be exciting to see the progress.

You are welcome. It will be exciting to see how these cubs grow and develop.

Senior Digital Ranger

Great stuff as usual Sean

Thank you so much, Jim.

Sean, Spectacular sighting and incredible video! We were also lucky to see them on our most recent visit – super cute and so tiny! It was also great to catch up with you too – the blog is in great hands! We are wishing we were back at our favorite place on earth right now!

Thank you so much, Michael. It was so good to see you too. Hopefully, it won’t be too long before you are back here again.

Utterly gorgeous – I could watch them all day. Their eyes are still quite blue, so guessing they would be no more than 2 months old?

I could also watch them all day. I would say they were about 6 weeks old in the video.

Sean, fantastic video of the Nhlanguleni females cubs. It will be fascinating to follow their progress hopefully to adult hood.

Thank you so much, William.

Hi Sean, your monotony that day turned out to be the best viewing and video’s of the most precious little cubs. Absolutely beautiful and I cannot get enough of these video’s with the cubs. They are so tiny and I see the one’s a little lighter in colour than the other one. Hopefully mommy will be able to raise them to adulthood, and that we will be able to view them from time to time. Sean please check my account, I am viewing the Contributing Prowess of August instead of our Prowess of August. Don’t why that is showing as it should be the points of the guests. Thanks so much for these incredible video’s.

They really are so cute and I could also spend the whole day there.
Thank you for highlighting the August Prowess points issue. I will look into it now and see if we can resolve it.

Oh Sean, How exciting to finally view these little bundles of fluff. They almost look like stuffed animals, save for their animation. Nhlanguleni is such a patient mom, not reacting for quite awhile whilst one cub was chewing on her ear. They look very active, one seemingly more than the other, but that appears to be a common link in each litter. Has Nkvoveni been seen with her cubs lately? They must be close to 10 weeks older than these. I’m hoping for many more sightings by the team to share with us. Thanks for this wonderful update!

They really were just little bundles of fluff. One was definitely more active and adventurous than the other.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow amazing video. Absolutely wonderful!!!!!

Thank you so much, Mark.

Is it my bad eyes or does the one cub seem significantly smaller? Is that normal? Fantastic sighting!

No it isn’t your eyes playing tricks on you. One was certainly smaller than the other. Most likely one male and one female.

Senior Digital Ranger

Sensational viewing. Such a patient mum and a remarkable story to be able to successfully give birth again so quickly after losing her previous litter. Thanks so much for sharing.

She really is such a patient mother. It is fascinating that she was able to conceive so quickly.

What an awesome moment for you Sean! You’ve put in a whole lot of time in trying to locate the cubs and you get to see them now! Long may they prosper under mom’s care!

Finally the patience and hard work paid off.

Exciting news,Sean, about these new cubs on Londolozi.
Looking forward to making their acquaintance….
See you all soon

Sean, this is the best video ever! It made my Monday! The final view of such an adorable, irresistible cubs and wonderful mum and the trust she had in you must be absolutely touching in the depth of your soul…

Thank you so much, Francesca.

What a patient mother! Just watching that cub chew her ear for so long made me want to swat it off. 😂 I’m glad she has another litter. Hopefully this one fares better than the last.

She is such a patient mother, but I guess she needs to be with these two around.

Senior Digital Ranger

Congratulations! This is one of the most spectacular wildlife videos I’ve ever seen!

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