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Patrick was born and raised in Johannesburg and from a young age dreamt about living in the bush. He grew up going on family holidays to Madikwe in the North West where his passion grew. After high school Patrick went to the Eastern ...

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on Essential Techniques For Photography At Londolozi

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Excellent reminders Patrick on the essential photography tips to use on safari, but they are also the cornerstones for creating images that tell a story or evoke feelings. Oftentimes, one finds there are so many opportunities to press the shutter, the excitement in the moment can overshadow the basics of composition.

Thanks for the Tipps, Patrck. I love these wide skies, whether they are blue or grey and that really attractive hill in the background

Patrick, Your tips are right on the money – especially the rule of thirds and embracing negative space. Of course you can always go super tight like the ones you showed of the leopard’s eye! We have just returned from an awesome visit to Londolozi and are just beginning the editing of the over 5000 images we shot while we were there. Our motto is “pixels are free” but we all know editing time is not! Hope to see you on our next visit!

Great blog. I’d add to remember to look up and down – there are Birds, Dung Beetles, Insects and more just waiting to be photographed.

all fantastic photos!

Patrick thank you for your tips on photography. I am still learning day by day how to shoot in Manuel mode and experimenting with it. Also you tips will help me to position my subject better and use the rule of the thirds. Focusing on the animals eyes will also help with good focus on the animal, background is so important on a photograph. Loved all the images you showed us, especially the two images wilth the giraffe showing the beautiful Londolozi scenery and the leopard showing the eyes. How do you get the details on the foto, like your lense, f/stop, Iso,and shutter information that you put underneath the foto’s.

Patrick, thank you for the advice about photography. Good composition can make an image as well as focus.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice reminder Patrick that I don’t Always have to zoom in. I get SO thrilled with focusing on the eyes, I can hardly help myself. Zooming Out will be on the agenda next trip! And, perhaps visiting sometime other than Winter for a change in scenery.

Senior Digital Ranger

These photos are ALL STUNNING! I am in awe of the sublime capture of these animals in the photos. On earlier safaris I carried the lens, cameras and beanbags. I loved my images to blow up and frame. In 2017 my husband was run over in the US while bicycling. Londolozi helped postpone our travels for a year. I am now using an iPhone. Seeing this pics makes me think that my return to Londolozi will be with YOUR cameras and expertise. Thank you for finding the wildlife without telephoto lens…and thank you for thinking that might be in our future!!!

Wildlife photography becomes an obsession the more time you spend on safari!

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