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Kelsey has many fond memories of family camping trips across South Africa when she was growing up and for her, this sparked a growing love for the wilderness and opportunities to seek new adventures. Although she studied BComm Financial Management and spent five ...

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on The Mammal That Flies And The Bird That Runs- The Evolutionary Path of Bats and Ostriches

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Kelsey, thank you for the review of the bats and ostriches. They are unique animals in natures kingdom and Londolozi is lucky to have them.

Thank you William, we are very privileged with the diversity we have here at Londolozi!

Hi, any news on Londolozi ostrich families? If you want to add a “classic ” example to convergent evolution you may add a moth or butterfly. The opposite, divergent evolution most classic is the example of Darwins finches and their beaks shape. Other examples are the pangolins, occurring in Africa and Asia, the Southern American armadillo and the Australian echidna. Or marine creatures such as whales, seals, turtles, fishes… or, one of the most intriguing regarding eyes, such as humans and octopuses.

The ostrich family continues to grow, with a new male also appearing regularly in the northern section of the reserve. Thanks for the ideas Francesca, these are all fascinating examples 🙂

Kelsey just look at the Whalburgs bat and the fruit they eat are nearly the same colour in the foto you shared. The ostrich is quite a large bird and gets very aggressive if you come near its nest. The males are very protective towards his female and chick’s.

Great observation Valmai 🙂

This is great Kelsey – a mammal that flies and a bird that runs – spectacular!!

Pleasure Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed the blog!

Bats and ostriches are really extraordinarily interesting animals. The echo-location abilities of bats are amazing.

They are incredibly fascinating and impressive in many ways. I hope you are enjoying your visit 🙂

Unique comparison never thought about!

Thanks Anita, I’m glad you enjoyed the comparison.

Bats are certainly under appreciated. I simply adore them.

I agree and I’m happy to hear that you adore them Linda!

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