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Jess was born in Kwazulu/Natal but grew up in Cape Town. Having an innate love for all things wild but getting to spend little time in the bush while growing up, she headed straight for the Lowveld after school. She completed a guiding ...

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on Out Of Sight Out Of Mind- Bats

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Thank you Jess – I had no idea of how important they are.

They too have an important place in this ecosystem!

Jess, What an incredible blog! Of course we have seen bats while at Londolozi, but never knew there were so many species and that they all have different benefits. Thanks for a great and understandable education!

Jess bats give me the creeps and I know that they do good work. I never knew that there are so many different types of bats. The little dwarf bats face looks like a mouse’ face, cute but still scarry. Thanks for sharing Jess.

I had no idea you had so many different varieties of bats there. We installed a bath house last year in hopes that we can convince some to move in and help with the mosquito population in our yard. No activity yet, but I’m remaining hopeful. They are such neat creatures.

I really hope the bats use your bat house! It will help so much with your mosquito population! Fingers crossed!

10+ different bats?! Amazing! Truly under-appreciated animals!

I agree, they deserve more appreciation!

Fascinating reading Jess! I didn’t know much about bats, save for they’re really not aggressive, but to learn how they contribute to our planet is quite interesting. I can see why insect eating bats are so important in areas producing crops, reducing the need for chemical products to insure stable outcomes. I had not thought fruit bats actually were good for the trees and earth as a result of their feeding habits. Always great to learn something new.

I’m glad I could help provide an insight into the fruit eating bats purposes!

Thanks JESS for the update on the bats of Londolozi. Bats are truly one of the beneficial mammals of our eco-system.

Thanks, Jess, for this really interesting article on bats and their meaning for the environment.

I really like bats……they are cool, and so so amazing and helpful in our ecosystems…..the very large “flying foxes” in Sydney Australia are something to behold when they emerge every night. The only time that I had a moment of pure squeamishness was when a small bat got into a taxi in Jamaica with us one night through the open sun roof and flew around our heads while we dodged (and maybe screamed a little bit!)….until the poor animal managed to fly out and away from those darn “batty” humans!

Oh, my, I adore bats. Thank you for this article! Bats are the most under appreciated, vital mammal in the world!

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