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on Wild Dogs Unleashed: Adventure Beyond Boundaries into Crocodile infested waters- Virtual Safari #178

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Hi Sean, that was quite a fast track with the wild dogs, my goodness but they run so fast. They are so beautiful and it is such a privilege to see them on Londolozi ground. They certainly not scared of the water, they crossed the river quickly. How you drive, take fotos and videos, and track them all at once is astounding.

They do run so fast and so keeping up with them is a challenge.

Wow, that was an exciting ride following the four wild dogs. I felt as though I was back in Londolozi, hanging on to the rail with one hand and protecting my camera gear with the other as we rocketed through the landscape, hoping not to miss the sighting – truly thrilling for an adrenaline junkie. I saw some members of this pack in April although they were resting up after taking down an impala, digesting their share of the spoils. It seemed the collared dog crossed first while the others waited. The most curious sight was the last dog choosing not to cross at the same point but scanning the water and the other side and crossing further down……. who knows?!

It was an exciting morning following the wild dogs.

Wild dogs are certainly the most exciting animals because there is always something happening around them. It was great to see how they were crossing the river. Good, that you got out without getting stuck … pink pouch…
I do hope that these dogs or any other pack will be around a while.

They really are very exciting to have around.

any idea where they ended up (since the one had a tracker on)? they were definitely on a mission!

Sadly, we not sure where they ended up after we left them but a few days later they were see all together. We don’t have access to the info from the collar.

Awesome footage of these beautiful creatures Sean!!

Thank you so much, Paul.

Interesting sighting. It looked like 4 females (2 adults and 2 yearlings) but I stand to be corrected. And with them so far beyond their normal range, this could be a dispersal group. Did you hear them hoo-calling at all? If not, then further evidence suggesting dispersal rather than a temporary split from the pack (as they do a lot of hoo-calling when they get separated during hunting).

To be honest I didn’t actually pay attention to the sex of them. I will have a look and see. No there was no calling at all, I think they were just roaming, as they were then seen all together a few days after this was filmed.

Great video Sean. Thank you for the wild dog safari!

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