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Kangela Male

Kangela Male

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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on Young Male Leopard makes an appearance on Londolozi

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Denise Vouri
Guest contributor

Terrific news Matt that Kangela has been spotted within the Londolozi property. As I recall, his mother, Schotia, has been quite successful in raising cubs, although I believe one of the favorites, Tavangumi, was unfortunately lost due to a snare injury that then created a problem for local residents. Although it would be difficult for him to stick around, you never know. He’s a handsome and formidable looking leopard, but also young, so he may keep on moving from one territory to the next until he finds his own territory.

Sandra Scott
Senior Digital Ranger

Wat a beautiful leopard!

Karin Webber

Very cool!

Mary Beth Wheeler
Master Tracker

We saw him several times last week, Matt. Very relaxed, handsome and photogenic!

William Paynter
Master Tracker

What a beautiful leopard. Thanks for sharing Matt. I hope he stays around Londolozi for more viewing.

Francesca Doria
Master Tracker

Hi Matt, it’s always a great pleasure to read news about leopards and so exciting if it’s a new one! This male looks very handsome and elegant with his slander body, beautiful unique coat, piercing pale green eyes and dark nose. If he stays new genes will enrich leopards population in Londolozi

Christa Blessing
Master Tracker

What a beautiful leopard.
I hope that he will show himself on Londolozi territory often in the future.

Valmai Vorster
Master Tracker

That is good news Matt, seeing this beautiful young leopard on Londolozi ground. He is really a stunning leopard, and I hope he will stay and mate with the females bringing in new blood line. He will have to be careful for the larger leopards will kill him.

Anita Santoro
Digital Tracker

Another handsome young leopard! I hope he does tread lightly and stick around!

Paul Canales
Master Tracker

What a handsome young leopard Matt! Wishing him the very best as he navigates his way around Londolozi!

Tammy Hynes

Beautiful, handsome leopard

Lisa Antell
Master Tracker

Kangela is a gorgeous young male, and the full blood brother of Tavangumi, our recently deceased dominant male in the north. Kangela also has the same spotted rosette coat pattern of his big brother, Tav, and exhibited by several others of Nyelethi’s offspring (Tavangumi, Kangela, Misava, Euphorbia, the late Shangwa), which is curious and fascinating, in its own right. I truly hope that Kangela can find his place somewhere on the Sabi Sands or nearby enough to be seen regularly. And that he does not fall into a troubling HWC situation….

Ian Hall
Master Tracker

Looking forward to reading more

Well done Kate on some super photos

PS ” Singita, our friendly neighbours” 🤣
PS Singita

Mj Bradley
Senior Digital Ranger

The spots inside the rosette’s comes from his father Nyeleti. Hi brother the late Tavangumi had the same pattern. He is a beautiful young male. Hope he stays safe.

Michael Fleetwood
Master Tracker

He is a beautiful young cat! And his father was born on Londolozi as the last litter of three cubs to survive! Thanks for this Matt!

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