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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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Ngungwe 3:3 Female

Ngungwe 3:3 Female

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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on The Week in Pictures #602

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Thanks for a fantastic collection of images for your TWIP Nick. Since you’ve requested choosing one favorite, my pick is the stunning b/w portrait of the Skorro lion. He truly is magnificent and a stark contrast to the portrait you shot of one of the Ndhzenga males, who unfortunately is rather battle scarred.

Thank you, Denise! I’m thrilled you like the Skorro Male in B&W. He is a very impressive male lion.

Senior Digital Ranger

You can’t go wrong with cub pictures. Ntsevu Lion Cubs are my favorite.

Agreed Sandra. They are getting to the age now where there is just so much activity and playfulness which leads to much excitement and lots of photographs!

Wonderful series of images. My personal favorite is the elephant in the misty morning, it is such an iconic Africa composition.

Thank you, Karen.

This time lions are my pickup although all pictures are unique. All, regal males and females and the adorable cubs. I think I’d chose the Skorro male in black and white, a very handsome male. The Ndzenga male is also superb. And the impala and wildebeest second. My sister’s choice is the old giraffe bull.

Thank you, Francesca! Im thrilled you enjoyed the TWIP this week.

Great selection of photos Nick! Will be interesting to see the lion dynamic going forward! Are the Talamatis still the five females or just the four daughters of the Avoca male lions (Northern Avocas)? Also lovely to see the Ngungwe female doing well too!

Thanks Michael. The Lions viewing has been exceptional of late so it will be an interesting few months coming up as winter descends… The Talamati pride is made of of the 5 females still. With two young males recently finding independence.

Nick, What a fabulous set of images! Very hard to pick a favorite!! We love the one of the “implausibility of Wildebeest! It’s so unique!

Thank you Michael and Terri! Yes, the wildebeest all staring at the camera was a fun shot.

I love the Olympian Impala and the implausibility of wildebeest!

Thank you Michael!

Great TWIP Nick! So many great shots, but I have to pick the cool shot of the cheetah, quickly followed by the brilliant capture of the impala in mid leap!

Thanks Paul. The impala is a personal favourite of mine – capturing it in mid leap!

The lion cub feeding of the wildebeest carcass is my pick this week. So many expressive lion faces in this collection!

Indeed, the image of the Lion cub feeding is quite a scene!

Senior Digital Ranger

All of the photos are my favorite!
Another amazing week of captured moments!
Thank you for the share…

Thank you Barbi!

Nick my favorite is the lion cubs for the week. Fantastic fotos this week in the TWIP. The foto of the skorro male lion in B/W is stunning, reminds me of the foto I printed many years ago while I was working in the dark room. I printed a huge print of a lion head with a mark over his nose. It looked so real and absolutely stunning.

Hi Valmai! thanks for the comment. Amazing how times have changed where the studio now has computers to download and edit images and not a dark room for developing film!

Nick, fantastic pictures this week. The two b & W pictures of the male lions are outstanding. However, my favorite is the leaping impala. It is a magnificent shot. Thanks for sharing TWIP!

Thank you, William! The impala in mid leap is a favourite for sure.

Stunning pictures, Nick. I like the one of the cheetah sniffing around that fallen tree best.
Good to know that so many lions and leopards are doing fine.

Thanks Christa. It is always a special sighting when a cheetah leaps onto a fallen over tree.

Senior Digital Ranger

Powerful picture of the Talamati Lionesses. And that picture of the cub chewing on the bone what is the best cub picture I think I’ve ever seen. Both adorable and a chilling foreshadowing of a future Hunter.

Thank you very much Johanna. I’m glad you enjoyed the lion images this week.

Bull Elephant in the mist by a nose. wonderful pics but that one is magical

Thank you very much! the setting was perfect!

Digital Tracker

The cheetah pic is my fave this week! So good!

Thanks Carly!

Lovely photos Nick – favourite being the two lionesses – nice time of the year in the bush!

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