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Shannon was first exposed to Londolozi as a guest when she was a young girl. Straight away she was in awe at the warm feeling she got from the people and the place. After growing up in Johannesburg she graduated with honours in ...

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on Unveiling The First INEOS Safari Vehicle in the World, Right Here at Londolozi.

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How very exciting! Will the safari vehicle be put in rotation through all the camps?

Thank you, Willa. Our dream is to have an entire safari vehicle fleet that is a sustainable solution in the future.

Master Tracker

Wowzer, what an amazing technological breakthrough

Thank you, Ian.

That’s awesome! You guys are the best in SO many ways!💚💚👍

Thank you for your kind words, Michael.

This new safari car seems to be a very solution. And it is nice that it isn’t as big as the other cars.

A very exciting solution indeed, Christa.

Very inspiring and equally cool!!

Thanks so much, Paul.

Once again, for the zillionth time, Londolozi leads the way with this groundbreaking announcement. I can’t wait to have my game drive in one of these vehicles.

Thank you, Jeff. We are looking forward to exploring all possibilities for a fleet of sustainable safari vehicles.

Senior Digital Ranger

How exciting would it for 100th birthday present to be an INEOS developed hydrogen powered safari fleet of vehicles for Londolozi. Good luck with the ongoing research. Hydrogen is for sure an exciting component of the future energy mix. Thanks Shannon for a fabulous blog – thank you for sharing.

Thank you, Jane. We look forward to updating you on our progress in finding the most sustainable safari vehicle possible.

Shannon, this is such exciting news and a huge step forward towards the completely sustainable vehicle. A question- what is the sound level? I’ve read that properties that have added electric vehicles to their fleet have reported some animals have had negative reactions, most likely because they are startled by the silent machine.
I applaud Londolozi for their continuing research into building a fleet of vehicles that will leave no imprint on earth’s natural resources that in fact produces a trickle down effect. This family truly lives and promotes the sustainability ethos (water treatment plant, composting, solar power, no plastic, and investing in the local communities) just to highlight a few. For these reasons, and of course viewing the variety of flora and fauna, I will continue to visit Londolozi and support The Ripple Fund/GWF as my appreciation of their constant support to make our world a better place.

Thank you for your kind words and for your continuous support over the years, Denise.

This is amazing news

Thank you, Rob.

Shannon, thank you for the update on your hydrogen vehicles. It is certainly one of the best power sources our world has at its disposal .

Thank you, William. We look forward to researching and learning more about the different solutions for a sustainable safari vehicle at Londolozi.

Shannon that will be a fantastic partnership between Londolozi and Ienos Hydrogen Safari, for the preservation and protection of the planet. Wonderful to see the Ilumi Ranger James Tyrrell again. We mis him so very much. Great innovation to preserve the land and environment and being sustainable in every aspect. Well done Londolozi!!!

Thank you so much for your kind words, Valmai.

Great! EXCEPT much of the pleasure of a safari drive at Londolozi has been “no top” covering the guests on a drive. Now….I don’t look forward to riding in a vehicle with a top.

Thank you, Judith.

Shannon, This is brilliant!!! We know that experimental electric vehicles were being tested at Londolozi, but this is even more exciting! Bravo to the team!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. We are excited about the journey to discover a sustainable safari vehicle solution in the future.

Senior Digital Ranger

That’s fantastic I look forward to seeing how it goes. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Moira!

This is a fantastic and exciting development! I had no idea hydrogen vehicles were even in development.

It certainly is a very exciting time, Chelsea.

Really great news. Londolozi is setting an example for others in being sustainable. Another reason (like I needed another one) to come back.

Just out of curiosity – where does the hydrogen come from and is it really green hydrogen? Here in the EU there is lots of debate on if, how and when green hydrogen is truly green.


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