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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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on The Week In Pictures #601

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Senior Digital Ranger

#601 didn’t fail to impress! The baby elephant dancing is this weeks favorite for me!!

Thank you so much Mark!

Loved the Ntomi male in the tree this week. The Hammerkop was a unique shot. Glad to see the ostriches are still around and doing well. The image of buffalo horns was almost abstract–I found myself looking at it for quite sometime trying to imagine all the activity in that scene. Thank you for sharing your images this week!

Thanks so much Chelsea, I am glad you enjoyed so many of the images. I agree – I also really enjoyed focusing and zooming in on a smaller detail of the greater herd of buffalo.

Hi Kate, it’s impossible say which photo I like best, because I like all of them!
Maybe the zebras and then of course the Hamerkop with the fish. And all the others.
The Ntomi male is so good looking – a beautiful young leopard.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Thank you so much Christa! I am so glad you enjoyed all the photos.

Quite a number of good pictures this week. My favorites are the wild dogs face on to the camera and the young elephant with its right forefront leg in the air. TWIP’s never disappoints.

Thank you William!

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow, Kate! This is a really Great collection. My 2 favs are the full frontal view of the wild dog. Capturing eye-contact like that is really spine-tingling. My second favorite is the dazzle of zebra. Perfect capture as I’m sure they didn’t hold that perfect position long.

Thank you so much Ann! It is always so rewarding when you manage to capture a good eye-shot with any animal!

Senior Digital Ranger

Beautiful pictures. Hard to choose. I have 2 favorites lion cubs and baby ellies. Think the baby ellies win. They are so amazing to watch.

Thank you Sandra! Baby animals are always the most entertaining to watch.

They all are first class images, but my personal favorite is the three male buffalo locking horns.

Thank you so much Karen!

Fab photos, Kate. Appreciate that two were of my favorite birds. Regarding the Kangela: who is/was his mother?

Thank you Willa! The Kangela Male was born in December 2019 to the Schotia female and Nyelethi male in Singita.

Some really special photos this week Kate. I love the color, light, composition and feeling of several, however the photo Ntomi male is a powerful shot! Thanks for posting. 🙏🏻📸🤩

Thank you Marcia!

Hi Kate your TWIP this week is just as entertaining as previous weeks. Stunning foto’s and a variety of animals to see. My favorite this week must be the Ntomi male leopard up in the Marula tree. Also loved the lion cubs and elephant calf on his own. I don’t know the Kangela leopard, but he is beautiful indeed. But my favorite is still the young Ntomi.

Thank you Valmai! I am so glad you enjoyed so many of the images.

A fun collection of images this week, Kate – thanks! And who is the Kangela male? Born where? Handsome guy!

Thank you Mary Beth! The Kangela Male was born in December 2019 to the Schotia female and Nyelethi male in Singita.

Master Tracker

SUPER PHOTOS , the last Ntomi male is a stunner

Thank you so much Ian!

Congratulations Kate on producing on outstanding #601! All of your images are wonderful, so much so it is difficult to choose one but one did have a millimetre edge over the others – the dancing baby elephant! Priceless shot. Thank you for sharing your stunning photos.

Thank you so much Denise! I am so glad you enjoyed so many of the photos.

Great collection of photos this week Kate! Glad you are seeing the Ntomi Male still on Londolozi!

Any sightings of the Ndzanzeni Female and her cub recently?

Senior Digital Ranger

Such a special set of photos Kate, thank you. Not possible to choose a favourite – I would end up listing the whole lot! What an amazing week you’ve had. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you Jane!

Love the wild dogs and the last little Ellie pic is precious but of course my fave is the very grown up and regal shot of the Ntomi male! So handsome!

Thank you Anita!

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