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Keagan has always had a connection with wildlife, having been lucky enough to visit Londolozi as a child. After growing up in Johannesburg, he attended boarding school in the KwaZulu Natal Midlands where weekends were spent exploring the reserve and appreciating his surroundings. ...

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on The Week In Pictures #593

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Great TWIP Keags!

Thank you Tracey, sending our regards to you and Rob!

Beautiful pictures Keagan and brings me back to when Dee and I were there. Maybe someday we will see you and Ray again 🙂

Thank you Kelly. We certainly hope so too.

Keagan, Thanks for a great set of images! We especially like the one of the young male from the Talamati Pride!

He is a very impressive young male. Thank you Michael and Terri.

Three Rivers Female on the fallen marula takes it for me this week and then the painted dog shot is pretty awesome too! Another excellent week! Thank you!

Thank you Anita, it’s always a pleasure to share our TWIPS!

Senior Digital Ranger

every week you raise the bar!!! Hard to pick a favorite

Very kind of you Mark. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite from them either!

Fantastic TWIP Keagan! It was good to see the Nkoveni female in your photos as it seems she’s been MIA as has Ximungwe, but on my recent trip I did have a crazy but wonderful viewing of Ximungwe. It was great to meet you and I look forward to more interesting images. My favorite is the Ximungwe walking down the road. It has an air of mystery and not your typical leopard shot.

Keegan my favorite foto is the Ntomi male leopard. All the others are very good fotos.

Thank you Valmai, I do love that photo too.

Senior Digital Ranger

Nkoveni is Always a stunner! Hoping to get a chance to see Ntomi as well. Nice shot of the stork full on!

Re the Bronze-Wing Courser, I love the description of “beautiful yet discreet colouration” So apt. I would marvel at it too!

Keagan, great pictures this week. My favorite is the Bennet’s woodpecker for no other reason than I have not seen one from behind. ‘Great picture !

Love all these pictures Keagan! The Ntomi Male is a firm favorite of mine and he keeps getting more stunning with each photo you all share of him! Sad he will eventually leave Londolozi soil but hopefully his mother will bear a new litter soon! On the topic of his relatives, the Mashaba Female has been seen mating with the N’weti Male by Umkumbe Bush Lodge. She looks fantastic as well!

The picture of the woodpecker was wonderful. Could you give me an idea how large it was? We have a number of species in the US but I don’t think any as bid as that one. I loved the photo of the leopard in the long grass….quite lovely. Also that lion with the immature mane seems quite protective of his family, which is great for his future after he is kicked out of his home pride. Thank for the dazzling array of photos. The Yellow-billed crane was very interesting as I had never seen one before. Thank you!

What a lovely variety! I especially loved the birds this week–particularly the bronze-winged courser. I don’t recall ever seeing a bennets woodpecker featured before so that was new and exciting to see as well. Gorgeous predator shots as always!

Master Tracker

My favourite email of the week . TWIP

Hello Keagan, Very interesting to read and beautiful pictures! My favourites are The Ximungwe female in the gras, the Bronze-winged Courses, the Three Rivers Female in the lush green tambooti grove and finally The Plaque Rock Female resting…
Would be lovely to hear news of the piccadilly female.
Thank you for sharing!

Forgot to say… the Young Male of the Talamati Pride is a wonderful photo!

Tremendous week of pictures Keagan! Bravo!!

Leopards leopards leopards! Each one more beautiful and charismatic than the last…….beautiful photos this week and ones to savor…..

Oh, and the young Talamati boy…….wow, he is gorgeous! Just like his late father, Dark Mane…..what a stunner!

Fantastic photos

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