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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on The Week in Pictures #591

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All great photographs, Kyle. Well done. Wishing all at Londolozi a great Easter weekend.

Thanks for reading, Ian. It was a very festive Easter over here, hoping you had a great time too!

Lovely photos. Always a pleasure, to get treated to so much beauty.

Thank you, Jos, I’m glad you enjoyed!

Senior Digital Ranger

The curious youngster ellie is my favorite!

Thanks Sandra, I really enjoy that one too.

I love all your photos, Kyle. They are really great.
The one with the giraffe defending her calf is the most interesting one, for me. I have never seen such a scene.
Thanks for the beautiful photos.

It was the first time I had seen anything like that too, Christa! Thank you for reading/viewing.

Senior Digital Ranger

Oh Kyle. Can I just LOVE THEM ALL! Simply Stunning!!!!

Thanks so much for reading, Camille!

Great group of pictures Kyle! Really loved the one of the hyena and the one showing the Three Rivers Female’s dilated pupils! Is the Ntomi Male being pushed by the Senegal Bush Male that you all have seen or is naturally starting to wander?

Hi Michael, thanks for reading and commenting! Re: the Ntomi male, he is definitely being seen further west than his natal territory but not by more than roughly a kilometre. We’ve not witnessed (witnessed being the key word) any pressure from the Senegal Bush male but I am sure there has been some. We are expecting further dispersal from the Ntomi male soon, as much as we’d rather he sticks around.

Kyle. Beauties! A few of those look familiar. 😜 Could be because I was sitting behind you for a most incredible, action packed week. Thanks again for all the memorable sightings and photo help. Hope to see you next year. 👍

Hey Allan! Yes sir, a few of these may look a little familiar for sure. It was an incredible 6 days and we all can’t wait to see you two again next year!

Kyle we were spoiled with so many images this week. All of them are absolutely stunning and it is hard to choose just 1 favorite image. Going through them all again I will choose the Ntomi male leopard which is my favorite image for this week. Also loved the elephant calf and the giraffe bull.

Thanks so much, Valmai, I really liked that portrait of the young male as well.

Wow Kyle … a ton of great pics! But my favs are the wild dog jumping the creek towards you, the leopard tortoise and of course the baby elephant at the start!!! Beautiful pictures!

Thanks Bob! That Wild dog sighting was very special and we sat at that crossing after seeing them leap over in great anticipation for them to do it again for quite some time. But eventually, we were rewarded and it was pretty special. As you know, any animal crossing water is very exciting!

Wow! The whydah and the bee-eater photos are superb. But the zebra chin hairs also are quite something.

Thanks so much, Willa, I was very happy with the way the zebra chin came out with the back lighting!

WOW Kyle! Each pic is better than the last! What a spectacular week! The first baby ellie pic wins for me this week tho Ntomi male is my favorite creature on earth right now! Love the wild dogs and the lone hyena too! Thank you!

Thanks, Anita, it really was a very special week, even for me who lives here! The curious ellie is definitely one of my favourites. And hopefully, we’ll see you at Londolozi and you can see the Ntomi male for yourself and see that charismatic eye spot!

On my bucket list for sure! Everyone should do safari at least once in their lifetime but once was not enough for us! We visited Kenya in 2017 so our next visit will def be to Londolozi! But first to Rwanda to see the mtn gorillas 🙂

It’s a beautiful collection of images Kyle and certainly varied in content. If I have to choose, then the detailed head/chin shot is my favorite. I have an affinity for this type of shot and yours was executed perfectly.

Thanks so much, Denise, I was very happy with how it turned out. I believe you’ll be around soon? Definitely going to have plenty of opportunity to try for that shot, I was using the 600mm that day but I am sure a 400mm will do if you find a relaxed individual nice and early in the morning!

The Wild Dog leaping at the water is great but this weeks pic has to go to the Plaque Rock Female with the Impala?

Fantastic seeing how huge the Giraffe is to the Wild Dogs.

Thanks so much, Tony, the afternoon with the Plaque Rock female was insane!

Great TWIP, Kyle! Some memorable shots including the whydah silhouette, the bee-eater flock and the leaping wild dog! And it is the latter that is #1 for me. I always find it so difficult to capture good shots of the always-moving dogs and this one is amazing!

Thanks so much, Mary Beth. I know what you mean, Wild dogs are far and away the most difficult subject to capture well. We were very lucky as they had an impala trapped in the water and were just running around in circles, allowing us to plan a little bit more than you normally would.

All pictures are superb. Especially big cats, then elephants are really expressive. We love all leopards and the picture of ghe lioness with her reflection in the water. But this week unanimously we chose the mother giraffe facing wild dogs and winning this match. She is great, a super mum to be awarded!

That mother giraffe facing down the wild dogs was an absolutely insane moment, Francesca! The dogs actually did not want to back down until a big bull arrived on seen but unfortunately I missed that moment.

Senior Digital Ranger

I always love the week in pictures. this weeks favorite for me is Long-tailed Paradise Whydah. Wonderful shot needs to be printed.

Thanks so much for that, Mark, appreciate it! It flew off a half second later and I wish I could have just held the shutter down for a moment longer to capture it in flight.

That flock of bee eaters is really something else!

Thank you, Michael!

Digital Tracker

My favourite hands down is the pic of the bee eaters on the tree this week! Such a beautiful picture!!!

Thanks, Carly, I’m glad you like it!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great photos – love the close-up of Zeb highlighting the contrast between those beautiful markings and filigree whiskers.

Thanks, Jennifer, I am very happy with the way that turned out.

Great pictures this week Kyle. My favorite is the young elephant with it’s trunk touching it’s face.

I think that is my favourite too, William. Thanks for reading!

Kyle, Great shots this week! We had a hard time picking a favorite! We chose the backlit Zebra as our top pick!

Thanks so much, Michael and Terri, it was a spur of the moment shot as I was lugging around the 600mm but I am very happy with the way it turned out and will remember that for the future.

The description of the wild dogs “collectively losing their minds with frustration” made me laugh. I know the feeling! So many interesting images and stories this week. I particularly love the close up of the lioness drinking and the bull giraffe ambling by. I felt like I was right there with them. Glad the wild dogs lost interest in the young giraffe.

Thanks for reading/viewing, Chelsea! It was very funny to watch them trying to work up the courage to swim. I am very happy with the way the lioness drinking turned out as she just managed to fit in the frame! I don’t think the giraffe calf really had anything to worry about but it was still fascinating to watch the mother stamp her massive hooves at the tiny dogs!

Amazing photos, Kyle! Can’t pick a favorite! They all make me happy and longing for our return to beautiful Londolozi!

When are you guys going to be back, Dolores? Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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