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on More Tree Climbing Lions- Virtual Safari #159

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An ostrich carcass and a lion in a tree – that’s an extra dose of the unusual! How are the ostriches faring these days (besides this unfortunate one)?

It is a serious dose of unusual. The ostriches are doing well, there is now a fairly healthy population of them in the southwestern grasslands.

Wow, unbelievable! She got that high… I’m glad she can, but this will make it harder for leopards, whose life already is full of trouble… Great video

She did manage to get quite high in the tree, however, it was a relatively easy tree to climb.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow. great lion in tree video. Amazing find beautifully shot!

Thank you so much, Mark.

Sean, That was a great adventure! The lion in the tree was amazing and this on managed to get down fairly easily! The closeups of the female and male are special – so amazing that you can get so close! What camera did you use for the closeups?

It was so great to see her in the tree and then spend some time with them in the shade afterwards. I used a Canon 1DX and 600mm lens.

Another great find of a lioness in a tree, but this time the descent was almost a gymnast’s style, quite graceful compared to other flops I’ve seen. The plains area looks so fresh, bright and green after all the rain you’ve had. The rain here hasn’t retreated yet and there has already been record measured amounts of both the rain and snowpack. I’ve been following the weather there and the days are mostly rain free now, so I’m really looking forward to some cool mornings and warm afternoons. Have a great week!!

It was a great find and ended up being such a stunning scene. The land is looking so amazing at the moment, everything is lush and green and healthy. I hope the weather improves there for you. Have a great week too.

Sean that is something you do not always see, a lion up in a tree. That was a fascinating sighting to see how she moved on the thin branches and then eventually descended. The male lion is stunning. The flies seem to be a huge irritation for them.

It really isn’t something that you see every day so we were rather fortunate. The flies were a bit of an irritation to them.

The lionesses at Londolozi are really amazing.
A great video, Sean.
I would love to see some of them in a tree one day.

Seeing a lioness in a tree is an entertaining experience, firstly because they look so out of place, and secondly because they are rather comical as they move around.

Sean, thank you for the great video of the lions, especially the tree c limbing lioness.

You are welcome, William. It was a great sighting.

The tree climbing lions of Londolozi! Love it ! Now, there is something I’d love to see in person. I must put it on the list in hopes of next time. Very cool. I wonder if she managed to get any meat off the Ostrich?

It is definitely something extraordinary to see. I believe they go ta small piece of ostrich to eat before we arrived.

What a gorgeous day! But those darn flies! I always feel so bad for them when are just so covered in them!

I often wonder how much the flies irritate the lions or other animals for that matter. We sit there incessantly swatting the flies away as soon as they land on us, yet the animals sit there covered in flies the entire time.

well they can’t really swat them away like us…seems that poor girl could have rolled over and gotten them off tho…but they’d just come back…probably just learn to deal? hopefully not the biting flies! 🙁

I do love your virtual safaris, never miss one. but i am disapointed to hear some music in the background, because what i really enjoy is to listen to the noises of the bush! and the music is spoiling it. but thank you for all those fantastic moments you are sharing with us.

Wow! Another great sighting and footage of a lioness in a tree. Crazy, and with an ostrich!! Very cool Sean!

Thank you so much, Paul. It was a really cool sighting.

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