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on An Update on The Tsalala Female

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Matt, I’m so happy to see your update on the Tsalala lioness, my favorite! Save for the gash on her head that you have confirmed has completely healed, she is definitely a beautiful young lioness!! I’m hoping by the time I arrive in 3 weeks, the river will be crossable and you all will be able to cross into the northern part of the reserve. Enjoy a fantastic week!$

Thanks for the update. It’s still an amazing story, to follow, and, I’m permanently holding thumbs forr this incredible female. Hoping that she’ll find a mate soon, to extend this wonderful story.

I was frightened that the post would be not so happy. But very glad to see the Tsalala lioness is persevering.

Senior Digital Ranger

Thank you for the update. The Tsalala lioness is constantly in my thoughts and prayers. Like her mother, there is much to admire about this impressive lioness. She epitomises resilience. I hope she finds long-term companionship soon and successfully raise her own offspring. May she be blessed with God’s grace.

Digital Ranger

Thank you for the update! I pray for her regularly and cheer at her continued success!

So happy to read this… have followed the original Tsalala female… and then saw this Tsalala female as a cub with her two siblings 4 years ago! She is a very special lioness from a very special lineage and I hope she can make it through and successfully raise cubs of her own… (without them being predated by other male lions) especially another Tsalala female!!

I will always love and root for her! We saw her and her mama crossing the Sand River in July 2019 just a couple of months before her mama was killed. She is a beautiful strong lioness and I hope for her success as a mother soon.

I have pictures of her and her mom and siblings from 2019 when I spent an amazing week at Londolozi. I hope she has cubs and keeps the Tsalala line going.

Hello Matt, Thank you for your information about the Tsalala Female. I agree she is a very beautiful lioness and I was happy to hear that her wound had heald so well. I hope that she create an own family so that she don’t have to live alone anymore. I look forward to more news about her. Thank you for sharing!

Senior Digital Ranger

Her bloodlines contain intelligence and strength with a determination to survive underdog odds. The Tsalala Female is Exceptional!!! I can’t wait to see her in July!

Matt, Thanks for the update on the Tsalala! We had been wondering about her and are so happy to hear she is doing so well!

Please do keep us posted. Pushing good thoughts her way

Senior Digital Ranger

She is such a beautiful cat.

What an incredible coincidence Matt that I got to read your blog today as I rarely get the time these days to check in on the Londolozi stories (though I have them all saved to enjoy when time permits 😊). Tsalala is most definitely my all time favorite girl and I have been wondering how she was doing after her recent altercation ! Having followed the Tsalala pride’s stories over the past few years I was anxious to know all was well. You have certainly confirmed this today !
Let’s hope she finds a mate soon who has the strength (in numbers too) to protect her and future cubs 🙏🏻❤️

She is so beautiful. If she has cubs tho, I worry that she has no support. Would she be more welcomed into another pride should she have mated and has cubs with that prides male?

Thanks, Matt on the update of my favorite lioness. It is such an admirable animal surviving and even thriving against all kinds of odds on her own. I am really glad that this nasty gash has healed so well. Hopefully I may see her again one day.

Thanks for the update on the Tsalala lioness – great to know that she is doing well. Rooting for her!

Thank you so much for this update on the beautiful princess tsalala, good to see her head wound has healed, and she is looking strong, happy birthday my princess

So pleased to see an update on this brave lioness! I’m always amazed at how quickly and thoroughly lions heal after incurring atrocious-looking wounds. So happy she’s still prospering!

So glad to have an update on her. I have high hopes that she will breed this year and ensure the survival of the legendary Tsalala pride. I’m so glad to see that her little eye wound didn’t amount to much.

She has proven that a lioness can make it on her own, debunking one of the many myths about what lions can and can’t do, as she’s done in the past climbing trees.

Living legend!

Senior Digital Ranger

This news is so welcomed! Every time I receive a post from the Londolozi blog I think of the Tsalala lioness and wonder how she is. This brought tears to my eyes to hear how well she’s doing. Thank you so much! What a powerful and radiant soul she is 🙂

Matt, the story of the Tsalala lioness continues and is fascinating to follow. Please keep us informed. Great pictures of her, thanks.

Hi Matt, this lioness is a supercreature! Really beautiful and bursting with life and health. She must find – or found- her pride sooner than later. She’s arguably one of the most famous lioness worldwide and she deserves it

Thank you so much for the incredible update on the Tsalala lioness. I have been an avid follower of her since she was born and followed her mother as well. I hold my breath every time I think about her wondering how she is doing and an always thrilled when I read that she is thriving. She is by far my most favorite lioness, she is stunning.

Senior Digital Ranger

So happy to hear the news that this beautuful lioness is still thriving on her own, She certainly is a special girl. I hope she does meet up with another lion. Thanks for the update.

Master Tracker

All fingers crossed . That was one helluva gash

I’m so glad she is still thriving. While vanity is certainly not part of a lions life, one benefit of not having a pride to squabble with at mealtime has even that she has a virtually flawless face. Given the choice though, I’d rather she have a few more scars and a pride for companionship and cooperative hunting. Here’s hoping she’ll become a successful mother and the Tsalala name will live on for years to come.

What a wonderful surprise to see the Tsalala female again. She is a fighter and definitely a survivor. What she has had to go through in her 4 years of existence is unbelievable. Such a lovely lioness and I am so happy her gash on her head as head completely. Maybe soon she we be mating and having cubs of her own.

Yes!!! I’m always rooting for the Tsalala loiness Matt, and so happy for this update. Looking forward to more of the same. She really is an inspiration!

Senior Digital Ranger

LOVE, LOVE LOVE, this girl !!!

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