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Megan grew up at Londolozi, where her love for nature blossomed. With a degree in Visual Studies and Social Media Marketing, her journey came full circle when she joined the dynamic Londolozi Creative Hub, where her love for nature and visuals finds its ...

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on The Magic of Londolozi Skies

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Megan, first of all the photos selected for your blog are outstanding. Looking at them, it’s impossible to select the perfect night sky. I’ve traveled to Africa for over 30 years and to this day I can’t choose my favorite sky – sometimes it’s an amazing sunrise with pink, magenta and orange skies or a sunset encompassing several layers of colors highlighted by trees or animals. Each day’s skies are different and I love them all!

Hi Denise, thank you so much! I’m delighted that you enjoyed the photos.

Megan, Thanks the reminder of the natural beauty of the Londolozi skies! We will look closer and take more time to enjoy them on our upcoming visit!

Hi Michael and Terri, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it! We look forward to your next visit.

Hi Megan, I must say that I live at the North Adriatic seaside and see the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen in my life. Given that there’s no seaside in Londolozi, sunsets are really magical and my favourite are the ones you can’t see here where I live, such as the silhouette of a leopard on a Marula tree or a sky fully draped with a myriad of stars

Hi Francesca, seaside sunsets are also spectacular! I’m so glad you enjoyed those images.

I love all the photos of the different skies.
The African skies seem to be so endless, whether during the day or at night. They are just so beautiful and immense.
Really impressive all the time.

I couldn’t agree more, Christa. The African skies truly are magical.

I have particularly fond memories of dinner around a camp fire near the river, under the night sky, with Tayla, Kevin, James and Pete. Simple, yet also somehow sophisticated food served with delicious wine outside felt decadent. Yet the story telling and sense of community and kinship under the Southern Cross, around a camp fire was so primitive and natural. It was a beautiful juxtaposition. The stars put on a wonderful show for us, and we could hear lions roaring in the distance. “Glamping” at it’s finest.

Those are beautiful memories. Thank you so much for sharing them with us, Chelsea.

Megan all your images are absolutely stunning. The colours are spectacular and each image has its own unique style and colour pallette. So beautifully displayed in the African Sky. I am memorized with each image and I try to imagine myself being there.

Thank you very much, Valmai. I’m so glad you enjoyed the images.

All of your included photographs were great choices!!! Well done on a little spoken of Londolozi specialty!!!

Thank you so much, Bob and Lucie! I’m delighted that you enjoyed it.

Megan, the pictures are absolutely beautiful and capture the sunrise and sunset at Londolozi. Thank you so much for sharing.

Thank you so much, William.

Senior Digital Ranger

Wow beautiful The leopard sunset is my favorite!

I have to agree, Mark. It’s a beautiful shot!

Senior Digital Ranger

Yours was a magical journey thru photos and prose!!! Exceptional Post!

Thank you so much, Camille!

I love the morning and the excitement of a new day wondering what will unfold. The possibilities seem endless when the light is beginning to feel the sky in the air is fresh. Must also say that some of the best starry skies have been seen there and beautiful views of the Milky Way.

Master Tracker

The clear skies of Africa are a joy

Stunning imagery of the skies at Londolozi Megan!!

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