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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Chris was born and raised in the Kwa-Zulu/Natal Midlands where his family inspired his early passion for the natural world. Exploring Southern Africa as he grew up, this passion was allowed to develop and his curiosity to expand. After high school, Chris spent ...

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on The Week in Pictures #589

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Senior Digital Ranger

So enjoy seeing pictures of the Senegal Bush Male. Ntsevu lioness and cubs are precious!

Thanks Sandra. I’m glad you enjoyed those photos.

Chris, Thanks for a great set of images this week! It was tough to pick a favorite, but we loved the inquisitive elephant calf!

Thanks Michael and Terri! The little elephant calf along with the rest of the herd was a fantastic sighting and very cute.

Senior Digital Ranger

My favorite post of the week is TWIP. Never dissapoints!

Master Tracker

It never does

Senior Digital Ranger

The expression on the mating baboon with the troop looking on is a hoot, but the mirrored giraffes bathed in the apricot sunrise is my photo favorite this week. Thanks Chris for sharing your looks thru the lens!

Thanks Camille. The giraffe image is something different – I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Wonderful photos, Chris!
I really love the one of the lioness who is rather fed up with that bunch of babies, all wanting to be nursed.
Great expression on her face as she seems to be saying: enough is enough.

Thanks Christa. It was an amazing morning with the lionesses and the cubs. They just wouldn’t give her a break!

Excellent TWIP Chris! All your images are wonderful but I especially enjoyed the photo of the frazzled lioness, looking to detach herself from all those feisty cubs!

Thanks Denise. It was a special moment to see all those cubs together. We look forward to having you back here soon!

Your photos are gorgeous Chris, as always. My favourite this week has to be the Ntsevu female being harassed by the 6 (?) cubs – her face says it all! As there are so many young lion cubs in the pride now, will they still suckle from their mother, or is it more whoever has an available teat?

Thanks Suzanne, I’m glad you like them. You’re right, there’re at least 13 cubs in total that we know of (last time we got to have a proper count). The cubs can and will suckle from any of the lactating mothers but the mothers do tend to show preference for their own.

Eclectic photos today. Most wonderful. But the vulture pic reminded me of my attempt to photograph three vultures here in SE Virginia as they sat on shopping center pole lights at dawn. Your photo is better . . .

Thanks Willa. The vulture photo is something different. Silhouette shots are always a great way to change up an ordinary photo.

Hi Chris, I am particularly impressed by the Senegal Bush male on the Marula tree, both mature excellent individuals of each species. I love the giraffe duo at sunset and the very beautiful cheetah! The cubs and the calf are adorable as usual. The Double Banded Sandhrouse’s picture is so nice, I like those birds a lot and the colours are perfect. Lovely wip

Thank you Francesca. I’m glad you enjoyed a variety of the images. My favourite was probably also the Senegal Bush Male in the marula – it was a surreal sighting to in.

Chris some stunning images this week in TWIP. My favorite is the little elephant calf, such a cutie and full of mischief. So glad to see the Senegal bush male again with his tattered ears. He stays my favorite male leopard.

Thank you Valmai. The elephant calf was indeed very cute and entertaining. We are lucky to see the Senegal Bush Male as much as we do; he’s a great leopard to view.

Great photos but one of them concerns me: Was that mother lioness growling at the humans taking the picture? If so, the humans were too close! Londolozi is usually very good about putting the animal first; some other lodges are not. Ethical eco-tourism is important. Never cause the animal to change its behavior for a closer look or a photo:-)

Hi Linda, not to worry, we were showing all the necessary sensitivity when that photo was taken. We were parked at a fair distance and the lioness (along with the rest of the pride) were very relaxed with us being there. The group of cubs had been climbing all over her for about 5 minutes as they all tried to get their chance to suckle. She had had enough of their mischief and gave a quick smirk at her discomfort towards them as she stood up. As you said, sensitivity and respect for the animals always come first.

Great! I would hope for nothing else from the great staff at Londo. I am just a bit alarmed at the trend in South Africa to get eco-travelers closer and closer…often on foot…and I do not think this necessary or beneficial to the animals, human or nonhuman:-) Bravo for the ethics of the best eco-lodge on earth!

Chris, my favorite picture this week is the Ntsevu lioness who had enough of her cubs and their antics. Reminded me of a time in my life with my children. HAHA

Thanks William. Yes, I thought a few of the parents out there would be able to relate!

Beautiful images this week, Chris! So hard to name a favorite mom, but the mother lioness and her almost grimace-like expression sure made me smile!

That seems to a favourite for most, Mary Beth! The little cubs have been great value for us over the last couple of weeks.

Wonderful collection! I loved the Senegal Bush Male in the marula tree with the mist in the background. That image didn’t wonders for calming my nervous system.

I’m glad to hear that, Chelsea! It was an incredible moment to be in.

Master Tracker

So this week no violence but some sex.
Usually it’s the other way around 😇😇😇

A nice change of events, I’d like to think!

Baby Ellie is the best! Exciting week! We are happy to be getting over our longer than normal winter tho the rain is much needed. Hope it’s a good one for you all!

Thanks Anita. I also hope it’s a good winter for us.

Great photos Chris! Enjoyed this week’s week in pictures!

Thanks Michael.

Loved the Senegal Bush Male peeking over the grass. Also the lioness and cubs – how relatable – ha!

Chris, I love the giraffes. You are so right about the perspectives they offer. And as for the Ntsevu lioness and all her cubs, I can’t help thinking of this verse from Flanders and Swan “The amorous Hippopotamus, whose love song we know,
Is now married and father of ten.
He murmers, “God rot’em!” as he watches them grow,
And he longs to be single again.
He’ll gambol no more on the banks of the Nile
Which Nasser is flooding next spring.
With hippopotamas in silken pajamas
No more will he teach them to sing:
Mud! Mud! Glorious mud!
Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood.
So, follow me, follow, down to the hollow,
And there let us wallow in glorious mud.”

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