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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on A Tale of a Troop of Baboons

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Great video and photos of these entertaining animals. I also love watching them because there is always some fun activity going on with baboons.
Though they can also become quite naughty.

Hi Christa, They can be very entreating and naughty indeed.

Hello Nick! Very interesting to read your blogarticle today about Baboons. Great video and beautiful pictures! They are impressive, clever and strong animals! Thank you for sharing!

Hi Ann, Thank you for the comment. I’m glad you enjoyed the blog.

They are very intelligent and very nifty high up in the trees. Their social statues in quite intrigued. I love the babies and the way they sit clutching their mothers.

Valmai, I also love seeing the babies and how attentive the mothers are with them.

Nick, great pictures and commentary on baboons. They are not my favorite animal but are certainly fascinating and very troop and family oriented.

Thank you, William.

Nick, Thanks is for sharing such a great experience! Very cool!

Thanks Micheal and Terri! Seeing a troop of baboons on the reserve is always a fun time.

Digital Tracker

Great article Nick!

Thank you, Carly!

Sometimes, when watching them, we can see our reflection in a mirror…
My favourite African primates are bush babies galagos, lebulas and Madagascar ‘s lemurs. And of course Mountain gorillas. But they all have their unique physical and most of all behavioural features, easier to understand for us than other species

Absolutely Francesca. Seeing the Gorillas one day is on my bucket list. I also enjoy seeing the bush babies and their ability to jump from tree top to the next is incredible.

I love that you highlighted the baboons in this post Nick. So interesting and fun to learn more about these little rascals!

Thanks Paul. They really are interesting and entertaining animals!

Senior Digital Ranger

Fascinating. If you look at the skull of a baboon, you can see the areas where the muscles attach. They are really large and that means they have very strong jaws. That’s the reason that it is not unknown for baboons to tear the stomachs out of cows.

Hi Paul. Thanks for your comment. They have very large jaws and pouches in their mouths to store food in a hurry and then will consume at a later stage. A highly evolved creature!

Great piece! I love baboons and they are too often overlooked.

Thanks Linda.

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