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Kelsey has many fond memories of family camping trips across South Africa when she was growing up and for her, this sparked a growing love for the wilderness and opportunities to seek new adventures. Although she studied BComm Financial Management and spent five ...

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on New Life: Watching a Chick Hatch

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Hi, Kelsey! Thanks for the story – our regards to Bennet.
Jerry and Sarah

Thanks Jerry! 🙂 I will pass on your regards. I hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday in Cape Town.

Great video Kelsey, thanks.

Glad you enjoyed William

Such a charming and happy experience on this particular chapter. I love seeing the diversity of birds in Africa and to watch this baby come into the world was no exception. I have never heard of this species and will definitely research them. And they have such an unusual name. You have a talented staff as I never would have spotted this nest with eggs. Thank you for a lovely video.

My pleasure Carolyn. I’m glad you enjoyed the video and learnt about a new bird!

Digital Ranger

So interesting and lucky to witness and video this special sighting. Thanks for the post.

It really was a unique sighting! Glad you enjoyed the post Patsy.

Lovely that you had been able to watch the hatching of this tiny bird.

It certainly was a special moment I won’t forget 🙂

A Water,thick-knee, how lovely! The chicks are so cute, but definitely difficult to find, bravo!

Thank you Francesca. Their camouflage is amazing and they are very cute chicks!

Fantastic timing-interesting video.

Thanks Vin!

Kelsey that was a phenomenal experience that you witnessed. Such a privilege to see this in the wilderness.

It really was special Valmai! 🙂

Thank you so much for your video, watching this little hatchling peck his way into the world. Witnessing the beginning of new life is so special and especially as it occurs in nature. I’m sure your guests will never forget that special drive…..

My pleasure Densie, it certainly was a privilege for us all to witness this new life 🙂

How special! They have such great camouflage – what an excellent spot.

Thanks Chelsea! 🙂

Great capture Kelsey, and love the “little” moments equally to the high action!

What incredible timing! That would be so amazing to see. Watching the egg it seemed a bit pliable to so that was interesting – I thought they were a bit more hard shelled.

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