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on Lions in Incredible Light Show Us That There Are More Cubs- Virtual Safari #156

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Senior Digital Ranger

What a beautiful scene! The lions, the bright green grass, the lighting, impalas in the background just popping with color! To top it all off is 4 brand new mothers! Who could ask for a better drive! Can’t wait to meet all the new cubbies!

Very exciting times ahead for the pride Sean! If reports of two dead lionesses are accurate, then hopefully these cubs will see through to maturity to bolster the pride!

A wonderful video, Sean. It’s fantastic that 4 of the females have cubs. Quite a big addition to the pride.
What I really like about the lions is their social behavior, the closeness to each other. At least as long as there is no competition about food.
What a great place Londolozi is!

Beautiful lions, great sighting. What a shame about Ubuso, hopefully the Ndhzengas hold strong for many years yet.

00:39 that impala looks terrified.

Hi Sean, incredible news that 4 lionessess have cubs on Londolozi. That is something so special to see. The lighting on these lions are stunning and all your images are exceptional.

You’re correct Sean, in that the light was beautiful in this video. The hunting must be going well as the lionesses look especially fit, given that they are nursing cubs. I am curious to know how many there are amongst the four females. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the cubs will still be around for my visit in 6 weeks. It will be fantastic to see cubs again. Is it true there are a couple of leopard cubs with the property?

They are beautiful….and so great for them to have their sisters all denning at one time…..the cubbies will have a zillion cousins and siblings to play with and the mamas will have plenty of help raising the kids!

Truly gorgeous setting/lighting for your beautiful subjects!

Thank you for this idyllic scene of such a wonderful family, the harmonic and peaceful time of a united pride. Gorgeous short film. I wish the Tsalala female the same happiness one day

That is fantastic news! Really good virtual Safari! Looking forward to hear more about this!
Thank you for sharing!

Sean, That is one of the most spectacular videos you have produced! The lion colors and contrasting greens are just beautiful! We are sure you will find the cubs soon! Thank you!

Thank you, Sean for a compelling and beautiful video. How exciting to discover all four lionesses nursing cubs! The backdrop of impala disappeared as soon as the lions started moving—-better safe than sorry. Then the “lord and master” arrived and seemed to be saying:Let’s go ladies. I’m hungry. (Much like a human husband expecting dinner!). The affection between the pride was lovely to see. And to view all this behind the light of another gorgeous sunset. What a treat.

Such incredible and intimate video of the lionesses and the male lion. Just breathtaking, and excited to find out about the development of the new litter of lion cubs!

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