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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Two Safari Myths You May Not Know About

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Just sitting and observing them is a good strategy for myself. Even if it is your 1000th impala sighting. They remain fascinating.

Dan, thanks for sharing your insights on the myths surrounding the animals of Londolozi.

Beautiful photos, Dan, and an interesting article.
Impalas are such beautiful animals. And one can certainly observe the care of mother giraffes towards their young ones.

Myth busters, nice Dan!!

Watching animals is fascinating, no matter how many times you view the different species. It’s always good to have myths debunked that are truly incorrect and use the science to educate us. Your blog and Robyn’s make a good pair for reading.

I’ve been following the studies on elephants (there’s so much observed and put on paper) and giraffe communication, yes the my are very interesting animals that have a complex way to communicate. The pictures are heart-winners! The wonderful impala with their large eyes are among the most graceful creatures. I’ve watched a documentary on a baby impala, the way he escape many dangers and became a handsome young ram. They are interesting animals too

Senior Digital Ranger

I’ve seen journeys of male giraffes congregating together. Although they seem adult, I assume they not yet true “bull” giraffes. But I always wonder how long those bachelor herds last.

I love the little impala lambs, here by us on the reserve we have seen lots of mothers and their lambs together. The lambs gather together and run and play together, too precious. Thanks for the article and stunning foto’s.

So many myths out there – best to observe and see for one’s self and listen to the rangers and trackers who are full of wisdom

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