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on Intense Lion Fight Over Carcass- Virtual Safari #153

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Thanks for the updates. Any news on the Tsalala female?

Thank you so much, Jos. No recent updates on her. She was last seen about four or five days ago, but still doing really well.

Quite an adventurous morning!. The shift in behaviors from the food battle to the “rest” is remarkable.

Thank you so much, Vin. It was indeed an adventure-filled morning. The contrast is remarkable.

Sean, fantastic pictures of the lions around their kill.

Thank you so much, William.

Hi Sean, thank you for this close-up with the breakaway Talamati pride, lions are alwaysinteresting like leopards, always something new happens . I’m glad to see them, although sorry for the old lioness. Zebras are beautiful and so much appreciated as well, they are so sought-after also because they remind horses, luckily they can’t be tamed! Lovely video, hope you will see another generation of leopard cubs growing. Have you got any news of the Mashaba female?

Thank you so much, Francesca. It was a great morning drive. Zebras are lovely animals and you are correct in that they have not been successfully tamed before.
The Mashaba Female is now spending a lot of time in the very far deep southern parts of the reserve and we no longer see her regularly. However I do believe she is doing well.

The behavior of lions is really always fascinating. That they can fight so ferociously when there is food to be had and the next minute lying down peacefully next to each other. They looked very hungry indeed, no wonder that everyone of them wanted to get the biggest piece of meat.
I loved the video clips of the zebra. They all look so healthy and fit.

Thank you so much, Christa. Lion behaviour is indeed fascinating.

That was an intense interaction with the lions! I loved just watching the zebras. Picturing myself there. Missing it very much always.

It was an intense interaction. All-in-all it was a great game drive.

Sean the lionesses are very aggressive and the noise they make, makes a person quite nervous. They are in a good condition. Loved to see the Zebra’s and blue wildebeest as well in the background. Holding thumbs that you can find the Nhlanguleni females den soon so we can see those precious cubs.

Lionesses are rather aggressive around a carcass and all just try to get their own piece of meat. I really hope that we are able to find the Nhlanguleni Female’s cubs soon too.

Hello Sean,
Thank you for the virtual Safari. Well done! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much, Ann. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Wow Sean, that was some fierce fighting amongst the Talamati pride as they finished off their kill. It always amazes me to see such deep cuts on a lion/lioness and know that they heal so quickly without any salves or drugs. Nature’s healing power is truly remarkable. It looked to be a fine dazzle of zebra, and quite energetic. It was disappointing not to see cubs but if they are still alive, eventually you will find them Terrific video today!!

The resilience and strength of immune systems of the animals amazes me, particularly lions.

I like many of the long term followers and lovers of the Talamati Pride and know their history are VERY much against this pride being renamed. One of the original Nkuhumas that became a Talamati is still alive and in this group. I think it very distasteful that someone wants to rename them because a few people are so arrogant that they have a problem with it. Rest assured it is not any one that follows this Pride on day to day bssis. I am very disappointed that this has even being suggested and has to be as I said by people that do not have knowledge of their history . Thank you Sean.

I agree 100% with Kimberly!

love the rambling! makes us feel like we are there! 🙂
what do you think caused the injury to her tail?

Thanks for the update Sean. When was this sighting with the Talamatis? All five were seen together in the Western sector recently so just wanted to see if this sighting was prior to that. Thank you!

This was filmed on the 17th of January so it was filmed prior to this recent sighting you speak of.

Can you please advise when this footage was filmed? As there is one lioness missing – Big Blue (Dark Mane’s daughter), we are concerned about her.

This was filmed on the 17th of January.

Incredible Sean!!

Love the sightings and enjoyed all the different bird calls in the background very much!

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