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on Wildebeest Gives Birth in Front of our Eyes!

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Senior Digital Ranger

Great capture!!!! The mom has a unique set of horns!

Thank Mark!

What a wonderful manifestation of their wish! While not a spontaneous wild birth, I have had the privilege of assisting the birth of several of our horses as a teenager (one in particular, by myself as the filly came earlier than expected) and it was magical.

That sounds incredible Chelsea. Thanks for sharing

Fantastic footage Kate, your guests must of been over the moon with this spectacular sighting. Wonderful to see that nature takes priority in the bush. I have seen several calves born as we stayed with my aunt onher cattle farm, also lambs. It is so precious and off course my own dogs having their puppies, J was always present to help if needed.

Thanks for sharing Valmai. That is very special too!

What a wonderful thing to watch! I have never seen a birth in the bush, only very young animals.
It always amazes me how these babies can stand up so fast and follow their mothers so soon after having been born. A real wonder of nature.

Thanks Christa! I know it is incredible to see how independent they are so quickly after birth.

Senior Digital Ranger

Outstanding stuff

Thanks Jim!

How precious and amazing to experience that. I was lucky enough to see an elephant born and also an impala – words can’t describe the beauty of the moment.

Thanks Kara! Oh wow that is amazing!

Miraculous! No, I’ve not seen a birth in the bush probably because of the time we normally visit (August).

Thanks Willa!

Senior Digital Ranger

There is nothing like being present at a birth of any kind…human, horse, cow, pigs, sheep, kittens, puppies…eggs hatching… tadpoles …
butterflies, hamsters, mice, snakes…
something I will never forget…
the gift of life is truly a miracle🙏

Thanks very much Barbi! I agree – it is really quite something special.

Hi Kate, this is the most touching and delightful Blog! How tender and caring the mum is, she has a full platea of public around her, with the father on guard to protect them. You will be able to follow their adventures, as the mother has a unique set of horns. I watch a wonderful documentary on wildebeest, the main character was called Lucky, she was chosen as a meal by a lioness but then a protective instinct triggered in and she defended her from hyenas, then let her go safe and sound for her mum. Incredibly, she managed to found her mother, escape crocodiles and other predators through the great migration, in the end she had her own female baby! I do hope this will be the case for that lovely little creature. I watched many animals give birth, most of all cats. Thank you!

Thanks Francesca! Yes exactly – she is such a unique wildebeest I will be sure to recognize her if we come across the herd again.

Fantastic opportunity well- captured. Amazing ability of the calf to begin its own existence.

Thanks very much Vin!

The name of the wildebeest calf of the movie was Survivor

Thank you!

Great blog Kate, I have not witnessed a birth in the bush but many many with the cattle on the farm.

Thanks William!

Digital Tracker

Wow! That’s amazing!!

Thanks Carly!

I love your story and photos documenting this amazing event that one rarely sees. I had the good fortune many safari drives ago of witnessing the birth of a Tsessebe calf. I had a film camera and a new Sony video recorder and so I captured most of the experience on a video cassette. It was so exciting to witness the mum cutting the cord and then stand aside whilst the baby tried and tried to stand up and walk. It took about 10 minutes for it to find its four legs to balance, and then away they went through the brush. One of my best viewings …..

Thank you Denise. Oh wow that is incredible that you got to witness that!

Senior Digital Ranger

I enjoyed this well-written blog, Kate, nice use of language to match the fascinating subject matter. I’ve seen newborns and even afterbirth on the ground (much appreciated by vultures!) on Kruger trips but never an actual birth itself. An interesting read.

Thank you Alex. I am glad you enjoyed this blog and that is very cool that you have witnessed those incredible moments in the Kruger too!

Wow. I too held my breath as I read this fortuitous and ahhhmazing discovery and birth. TY for your storytelling and pictures.

Thank you very much Elizabeth – I am glad you enjoyed this blog.

Beautiful blog, Kate. We were lucky enough to see the birth of an impala lamb in the Selous a few years ago. From the first sight of legs to the little one up and walking took all of about 15 minutes! An unforgettable experience!

Thank you Mary Beth! That’s amazing – I am yet to see impala give birth.

My goodness, what an incredible moment to witness and capture on film Kate! Brava to the female wildebeest and to you as well!!!

Lovely post Kate!!! Hope the baby has survived all the rain!!

I was lucky enough to witness a baby springbok being born and i missed a few brand new giraffes and impalas by a few seconds. Truely special.

Hey Kate,
I must thank you for answering my 2 questions I was asking myself for a few months now. The photo sequence did it all ma’am. You should do pro photography while being a vet/reporter on the plains. Just sayin’. Don’t know if you did those pictures like that on purpose but you nailed it 👌

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