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Mawelawela 3:4 Male

Mawelawela 3:4 Male

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Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

Plaque Rock 3:3 Female

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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Three Rivers 2:3 Young Male

Three Rivers 2:3 Young Male

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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Kate Arthur

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After a few years of working in the world of economic consulting, Kate’s love of adventure, wilderness and sense of curiosity led her to move away from the city and join the Londolozi guiding team. It was amidst her years of studying politics, ...

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Senior Digital Ranger

What an amazing week in photos. I especially love the leopard walking down the tree branch!!! outstanding

Thanks very much Mark!

Wow, A fabulous set of pictures. One of the best looking leopards and adorable lion cubs. Thank you

Thank you Susan! Kirst and I were over the moon when we got to spend some time with the lion cubs.

Fantastic shots this week! The views of the lion cubs stole my heart. What a wonderful way to start my day. Thank you.

Thanks Deb. I am so glad you enjoyed this week’s images.

The lion cubs are adorable! Same can be said about all the leopards. Especially the Ntomi male is such beautiful animal.
By the way: It’s quite rare, isn’t it, for a lioness to have five cubs? Do they have a fair chance of survival or will the weakest one be pushed away by its siblings?
Thanks for all the wonderful photos.

Thanks Christa! I am glad you enjoyed this week’s images.
We understand a lioness can have up to 6 cubs in a litter, with them more commonly having around 2-4 cubs. Given that the mother has 4 teats, with 5 cubs we do see a fair amount of competition at feeding time amongst the siblings, but I think it is a little too soon to say whether one will become much weaker than the rest.

Kate my favorite foto this week is your foto of the Ntomi male leopard perfectly positioned in the tree. Then the lion cubs are adorable and the foto of the cub yawning is very cute. Kirst foto taken at night is absolutely stunning.

Thanks Valmai! Those few images are definitely a few of my favourite too.

The photo of the two attentive kudus was impressive.

Thank you Doug!

Excellent week of photography, thanks for bringing me back to Londolozi!

Thank you Rob! Hope to see you and Hilary back here in the near future!

Senior Digital Ranger

Amazing pictures. The cubs are so precious!

Thank you Sandra! They are just too adorable.

What an excellent group of images this week, Kirst and Kate! The lion cubs are beyond cute, the leopard shots so special. I’ve never seen the Mawelawela Male and hope to do so later this year. Great shot of the klipspringer, too!

Thanks very much Mary Beth! We look forward to seeing you back here later this year.

These photos are all stunning – thank you!

Thank you Kellie!

Loved the Plaque Rock Female, the lions cubs and the oxpecker with giraffe as well. What a great week of sightings!

Thank you Kara! Those images are true favorites from this week.

Wow, Kate! Economics, Philosophy, Politics, Exploring and an amazing photographer. Are you sure you’re not violating some kind of anti-trust law?

Hehe thank you Michael! I am still learning and in an environment like the african wilderness, you learn something new every single day!

This set of pictures were just THE BEST!!! We really miss Londolozi, Thank you for these outstanding photos you share with us. We look forward every day to see what adventures you have found.

Thank you Barbie! I am so glad you enjoyed Kirst and my images from this week.

Kate, great photographs this week. The lions and their cubs are amazing. I think my favorite is the Three Rivers Female walking soon the Marula tree branch.

Thank you William! I was so excited when she walked down the branch and we were in the perfect position to capture that moment.

oh that Ntomi Male! Kirst pic in the Marula tree with the green contrast is phenomenal!

Thank you Anita! It really is an awesome image!

A few favourites this week for me. The Kudu, the lion cub standing on his/her mom and for sure the night sky!

Thank you Gawie. Glad you enjoyed our images from this week!

Such a wonderful variety of images this week Kirst and Kate, but my favorite is the more obtuse shot of the giraffe, with the bird and the water droplets. The new cubs are rather fantastic as well. I want to hear more about this new telescope!!

Thank you Denise! Kirst’s image of the Oxpeckers flying away form the giraffe is truly a special image!

Kirst’s “lion cub on mother’s head” was my favorite this week. I also love the mood of the Plaque Rock female descending and the movement of the giraffe and ox peckers.

Thank you Chelsea! Those are beautiful images!

The Ntomi Male is very photogenic! In all of our visits, I don’t recall ever seeing a klipspringer.

Thank you Vin – he really is a very photogenic leopard at the moment!

what a fabulous week of pictures, every one is so special.

Thank you Moira!

Hello Kate,
Fantastic photos! Here comes my favorites…
I like the little lioncub standing on her mother… and the little cub that yawn so sweet…
I think the Three Rivers Young Male that rests in a tall jackalberry is a very artistic photo… also the photo of The Ntomi Male that spots a bachelor herd of Male kudu…beautiful, very artistic!
The Three Rivers Female when she walks across a small branch… beautiful and elegant!
The Plaque Rock female as she began to descend the tree… Very artistic photo! and finally the wild dogs! Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Ann. I am very glad you enjoyed so many of our images!

Wonderful group of photos this week! The PR female descending the tree with that amazing sky background is my favorite 🤩. Thanks for posting so many beautiful pics!

Thank you Marcia! We are so glad you enjoyed all of our images from this week.

Beautiful images this week Kate!

Thank you Paul!

Those little lion cubs are just too cute! What a fabulous addition to the pride. Can’t wait to watch them grow. ❤️

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