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Tayla grew up largely on a farm in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, where she developed her love for nature. After completing school she spent time in Botswana before studying EcoTourism management in Pretoria, which served as a springboard into a guiding career at Phinda ...

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on Can the Power of a Lion’s Roar Heal us?

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Senior Digital Ranger

Good stuff. Jim

Thanks for this blog, Tayla. I completely agree with you that “being in nature and being open to its powers has the ability to heal us all.”
Being in nature whether at home or on a safari in Africa (the latter one is even better) is such a wonderful experience; nothing can compare to it. The sounds and smells of the bush, all these animals and plants around us, are just great.

Absolutely the lions roar has an emotional effect – beyond words.

This is an interesting idea. I suspect it is multifaceted. There’s probably an emotional component that kicks in when we think about how lucky we are to experience something so natural, wild and primal given how our society has evolved away from nature and the wild. I bet there is also a chemical reaction that may occur deep in our biology as our subconscious brain recognizes the noise as an alert to a potential threat, so our nervous system is heightened as a result. And lastly, I’m curious if anyone has measured the vibrational frequency of a lions roar? I am particularly fond of the Solfeggio frequencies for sound healing. Each level resonates with a different body part or system. I don’t think it’s crazy to think that the frequency of their roar may do the same thing. That, combined with the emotional and chemical reactions is bound to stir something within us.

Tayla, thank you for this review of sound and how it affects our minds and bodies. Great insight!

Greetings Tayla from Quebec, Canada,
As I was reading your feelings upon hearing a lion’s roar, it really struck me hard as I felt the exact same thing back in 2019 in Kenya, witnessing the sound of a roar close by, I felt fear, happiness, melancholy all at once and the vibrations, my God the vibrations through your entire being….an experience I will never forget !
It was my first African safari and I really hope to live it one more time……..it really is a life changing experience !!
Thank you for sharing such an experience with your readers.

Absolutely Tayla there is healing in nature from these magnificent animal sounds. Who could not say they did not get emotional when hearing a lion roar, or the bellowing of a buffalo. It just does something to your inner being. There is so much emotion overwhelming you at that moment and you also become speechless. Being in nature is a honor and a privilege to be treasured for ever.

It is amaxing that a lion’s roar can have an effect–even through a video.

Hi Tayla, what a great inspirational tale! When I heard lions I was in an enclosure, I thought my head was going to burst! It is certainly the most powerful sound it shakes the heard, and it is rightly so as lions are the top predators and the most mighty creatures. Perhaps it is something that has gone on from the origins of both species, us and them… their images are iconic everywhere in the world and surely the most revered animals. It would be a tragedy that would strike our inner self if they disappeared…

Senior Digital Ranger

The way you described the first time you heard a lion roar is exactly the same experience I had the first time I was privileged to hear that magnificent sound and feel the vibrations. There is truly nothing quite like it. Thank you for sharing this.

Such a thoughtful piece Tayla. Thank you.

Unfortunately the only time I’ve heard a lion roar was in a zoo, an Asiatic lion at that. As you wrote, I was expecting it to be very loud but I wasn’t prepared for the actual physical effect you feel from being so close. You really get a feel of the raw power of the king of beasts.

Perhaps in a safari environment, in a tribal group in a proper natural setting I think sound therapy would be the last way to describe it!

Senior Digital Ranger

A lion’s roar is one of the most humbling sounds you can experience! It touches you very soul…
you will never forget it…

I agree with you Tayla, that the sounds of nature can be quite healing in many different ways. During my experiences over the past 37 years of African travels/safaris, I have found the sounds especially exciting, heartwarming, curious, body-numbing…. I especially love being near lions as they call out to pride members as that deep, guttural sound gives me chills as well as the sense that I’m truly within the boundaries of wild nature. Great article!

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