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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Female

Dudley Riverbank 3:3 Female

Spotted this leopard?
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Kelsey has many fond memories of family camping trips across South Africa when she was growing up and for her, this sparked a growing love for the wilderness and opportunities to seek new adventures. Although she studied BComm Financial Management and spent five ...

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on The Summer Shades of Green

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It’s so interesting seeing the vibrant and lush landscape, since we have only visited in winter,

Hopefully we will get to see you in Summer one day then Vin!

I just love green. My husband has red-green colorblindness, so to him green appears more orange. It breaks my heart that he can’t see the vibrancy and variation of the plethora of greens (or bright reds and pinks for that matter) in the natural world. 💚

Wow, that must be quite something for him but I’m sure he sees the beauty in the shades of orange! I’m glad you love and can appreciate the greens even more 🙂

Thanks for the interesting article on the shades of green and the lovely pictures .

Always a pleasure Christa 🙂

Feeling smarter already today! Interesting topic.

Thanks Kara, I’m glad you enjoyed the topic and learnt something new.

Kelsey you have taken a lot of time to research the difference between the colour greens. Very interesting and also looking at the colours of green makes a person appreciated the beauty that abounds us. Each tree as you say adapts to it’s surroundings. The primary pigment and 2nd pigment makes a huge difference.

Thanks Valmai, it is a really interesting topic and certainly does give you a greater appreciation as you say.

Thanks for another informative article Kelsey, related to the questions “why are here so many shades of green”?! The blogs over the past few weeks have been a fantastic source of information about the more natural aspects of the Londolozi property, such as the river in the various seasons, and now the colors of green, and I find these quite useful to expanding my knowledge of the area. I am looking forward to the next scientific blog.

My pleasure Denise, I’m really happy to hear how much you are enjoying the blogs. There are definitely some more scientific blogs coming up 🙂

Senior Digital Ranger

Did the Dudley leopard starve to deathu

Senior Digital Ranger

When the Dudley leopard passed away, did she starve to death?

Perfectly written with images to take one’s breath away!

Thank you Francesca 🙂

Kelsey, great pictures along with your recap of the colorful bush veld.

Thank you William!

Thank you! I learned something different today. Thank you for the informative Blogs!

My pleasure Gawie, I’m glad you could learn something new.

Master Tracker

thank you for such a wonderful article

Absolute pleasure Ian!

Great information and stunning imagery Kelsey!!

Thank you Paul, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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