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Xinzele 4:4 Female

Xinzele 4:4 Female

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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Robert Ball

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Robbie developed a passion for the African bush from many visits to his family’s small holding in a greater conservancy just outside Johannesburg. Living in the big city his whole life, he always found refuge in the outdoors and has grown to appreciate ...

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on The Week In Pictures #579

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Some fantastic photos by you and the others! My heart belongs to the Three Rivers female since I saw her as a tiny cub with her mama and brother. And that boy of hers is one big dude for his age! So I pick that photo as my favorite! Thanks for sharing!

The Xinzele female cub is a real character, so expressive! She’s my favourite pick for the week. All excellent pictures, all leopards, birds, zebra, wildebeest, the hippo and lions especially the male of the Talmati pride is superb! My second choice.

Senior Digital Ranger

Grand photos this week, Robbie. Thanks. Greetings to all the fine staff at Londolozi.

Thanks for the beautiful photos. I love all of them and my favorite is the one of the elephant with the stork.
That’s such a nice combination.

The greater blue eared starling is totally gorgeous!

Master Tracker

super photos, as always

Thanks Robert for this week’s collection of terrific photos. If I need to choose a favorite, it’s Barry’s capture of the Three Rivers female and her cub play-fighting. Seeing how big he is, it looks like he is well on his journey to independence.

Great group of photos this week. Especially 💗 the birds! I’m inspired to get out take some of my own when the rains here in NorCal let up. Thanks!

Robert, Thanks for an AMAZING set of photos this week! It’s really hard to pick a favorite, but we will go with Barry’s Three Rivers Female and her cub!

Matt’s hyena cubs!!!! Hands down fave this week tho SO many spectacular photos. Ntomi male such a stunner; love all pics of him. Thanks all 🙂

All wonderful again, but this week Barry gets my vote for the all-action shot of 3 Rivers and her son playfighting.

Wow, bright blue starlings, I never knew such a thing existed. Beautiful!

I know that DM Avoca laid claim to the Talamatis before his death, I’m not sure if they associate with Mohawk Avoca?

The new Black Dam Males have been scent marking in Djuma, I think they will be wanting some attention from the Talamati girls in the not too distant future.

The landscape photos of the elephant and the giraffe is remarkable.

Robert, great pictures for TWIP. My favorite this week is the Yellow-billed Kite. Impressive shot of the bird in flight. Honorable mention must also go to the Southern Ground Hornbill.

A lovely week in pictures – I love the drama the clouds are adding to the pictures. So much activity at this time of year!

Would loved to have seen the Xinzele female’s cub hoisting the steenbok into the tree–impressive!

Love the yellow-billed kite and the wildebeest calves. Also, props to the Xinzele females cub for hoisting a kill! I bet that was something to witness. She still looks so young.

Such beautiful foto’s once again this week. The Ntomi leopard really stands out for me. The wildebeest calves are so precious as are the hyena pups. Talamati pride looking so intensely in the distance makes a stunning foto.

Digital Tracker

Great pics guys! My fave is the giraffe with that magnificent tree, followed by the hippo and the starling.

May I please ask how recent the Talamati Pride was on Londolozi ? I know they were there 2 weeks ago. Just trying to get a point on their whereabouts please.

Great TWIP Robert! All amazing images, but I think the birds take it this week!

Xinzele’s cubbie, the hyena cubbies and the young Ntomi win for me this week!

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