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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on New Years Virtual Safari #147

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This video was brilliantly and seamlessly put together Sean. Every clip brought back memories from videos throughout the past year, but two stood out for me. The first was the video of the newly born elephant calf, umbilical cord dangling whilst trying to stay on its feet and the other was the Three Rivers young male chasing his tail in the pan, causing me to laugh out loud as he dragged himself up the embankment, still holding his tail in his teeth – truly memorable. I wish all of you a very happy, healthy and amazing new year and a wish that more people take the time and effort to contribute to the wellbeing of our planet. 2023 will be especially exciting for me as I will be returning to my favorite places in South Africa, including another week in Londolozi…… until then, cheers!

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year to you too! We were so fortunate to experience some incredible sightings this year.

Wonderful as always, Sean. I also would add the sight of two pangolins mating as my tip-top favorite for 2022.

That would also have been an incredible to include.

Senior Digital Ranger

That was a beautiful tribute to the old year and to the new one, Sean! Well said! Thank you for showing us throughout the year the amazing sightings of the bush at Londolozi.

Thank you so much, it was so great to recap the past year and revisit some incredible sightings.

Happy New Year Sean to you and your family and all at Londolozi. Such an incredible video of these majestic animals. Just makes a person appreciate the fact that we can observe these animals in their natural environment. Not always live, but these emails keeps us posted of all that is going on at Londolozi. Live in harmony with all around you. Happy New Year.

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year to you too! It is such an amazing place to live and work and we are so fortunate to be here.

Happy New Year Sean! What a great video and look back at so many of the amazing sighting of 2022! I have been tuning in and watching your virtual safaris and they are fantastic! You are so eloquent and passionate! Here’s to 2023! Hopefully I will see you in September!

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year to you too!

Fantastic! Thank you and New Year!

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year to you too!

Great virtual safari, brilliant footage and message.

For me the best sighting of the year was seeing Mohawk and Dark Mane Avoca together again eating that bufallo kill just after Blondies death and just before Dark Manes. It gave me hope that the two bros would settle their differences and join up again, too bad that wasn’t the case. The arrival of the new coalition might be up their too depending on how much of an impact they have in the not too distant future.

Happy New Year Londolozi.

May 2023 be incredible at Londolozi! May books be rewritten.

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year to you too!

Sean, Happy New Year to you and the Londolozi family! Thanks for sharing the incredible sightings, but we especially enjoyed your passionate, inspirational message!

Thank you so much, Michael and Terri. I am glad you liked it.

A very happy New Year to everybody at Londolozi!
Your video is fantastic, Sean!

Thank you so much, and a Happy New Year to you too! I am so glad that you loved the video.

Just over 9 minutes of pure joy…what a brilliant idea to do a highlights video, don’t think you’ve done that before for the New Year? It’s jam-packed with so many exquisite sightings that it’s hard to pick a favourite. However good an individual image is, it’s no substitute for a video when it’s Plaque Rock climbing a tree or the 3 Rivers cub chasing his tail – so thank you so much for posting this, and happy New Year to you all.

Oh wow – that video full of amazing moments – I don’t remember seeing all – but had a great laugh seeing the Three Rivers Male catch his tail in the water. Sean what a beautiful message from you. Here’s to a 2023 filled with beauty and joy for all.

Amazing. Thank you! HNY!

Incredible summary of the best of 2022 in video Sean! Really stunning captures, and so enjoyable – I’ve watched a few times already! Happy New Year, and wishing you all the best for an even better 2023!

Senior Digital Ranger

Happy New Year! Stellar Post! Great Banner video!

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