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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Three Rivers 2:2 Female

Three Rivers 2:2 Female

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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on The Week in Pictures #572

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Once again very beautiful photographs. Unusual and striking is the photo of the African Blood Lily which I have never seen before. It’s just too difficult to choose one as they are all beautiful and striking.

You’ve provided us with a diversified collection of flora and fauna this week, each one special in its own way. After looking through the collection a couple of times, my choice this week is Kyle’s Senegal Bush male, for those intense eyes. Thanx to everyone for submitting their photos, and it was great to see the new zebra foals.

Hi, I adore the zebra foal with his mum! But if I have to choose, the African lily is absolutely stunning, flowers are rarely published due to their short time of blooming, so this is a rarity. As a technical photo the Senegal Bush male is unrivalled. Leopards have no competitors as far as expression is concerned. Furthermore they are pure beauty. The three River female is often a top model too. I also loved the nyala bull picture

Sean, I have three photos this week. The Blood Lilly (I recall this is highly poisonous?), the morning glory & the little pigmentation specialist!

All very good photographs Sean. Well done. My favourite is the Chameleon. Not often seen. We used to keep them as pets when I was growing up in Felixton, Zululand in the early 50’s.

The chameleon and Blood Lily photos tie for my favorites this week.

Thanks for the fantastic photos. I think I like the two photos of the wild dogs playing best, though all the others are also so fantastic! This red lily is a stunner. And it is good to know that the rain has turned everything in a green paradise.

Beautiful image of the African Blood Lily. Since we have only visited in winter we miss seeing some of the splendid flowers on site.

Senior Digital Ranger

Zebras are my favorite animal. The zebra foal is adorable! All the other pictures are excellent as well.

Sean, TWIP’s is beautiful as always. Beautiful pictures of the breadth of life at Londolozi. My favorite picture this week is the Senegal Bush Male at night. What an intense stare!

Terrific TWIP! Loved the leopard photos! The photo of the Thamba male looking up, the one of the Senegal Bush male’s beautiful eyes, but always for me, the Three Rivers female keeping a watch from the tree has to be the winner this week. She is beauty personified!

Hard to choose, but my vote this week goes to Keagan’s 1st photo of the Senegal Bush male in the tree with his impala kill.
It was good to see Chris’ image of the Thamba male – I saw him in October 2018 when he was young and nomadic, but he must have been over 2 by then. I think he came from Ottawa?

Thamba is a son of Thandi and Tingana, and a grandson of Karula. He is now 6.5 years old.

Fabulous Sean and team !!! the Thamba male was tops for me, though as always it was pretty difficult to pick a winner with so many beautiful photographs 👌🏻❤️

I’m constantly amazed at the skill and perseverance of the weaver birds. Thank you for a really diverse TWIP this week!

Kyle’s baby zebra gets my vote this week! Hands down! Thank you for all of them tho!

Master Tracker

I think you kept the best picture almost until last. I loved the flower photographs , one day perhaps I will do a trip to SA just to photograph the wonderful flowers at this time of year.
And a sunbird or two

I loved the chameleon this week. We don’t often see images of them mid-outfit change. 😉 The blood lily was also spectacular.

Senior Digital Ranger

Well this is definitely a first! I cannot select one best photo. The entire grouping is amazing…each individual photo can stand alone. I see in reading the comments that I am in good company on this thought. Thanks for another amazing week in Pics!!!

Those Zebra foals are precious. I loved the shot of the Senegal bush male at night. So dramatic. The chameleon as well – I could easily devour an entire picture book on them they are amazing.

Great photos as always……but the one of Thamba….just WOW!! He is so gorgeous and so fabulous and hopefully will sire many many cubs during his life. Continuing the extraordinary Karula lineage… is his older 1/2 uncle, Senegal Bush Male (Kunyuma)!

Such stunning foto’s this week Sean. I have chosen the Zebra foal as my favorite this week. They have the cutest face and look as if they can get up to mischief. The Thamba male leopard is a leopard that I am not familiar with.

The photo of the Senegal Bush male is stunning! Well done!

Sean, Great to see the Thamba male! Wondering if he will move more into Londolozi territory! The chameleon is great, but our favorite this week is the Weaver! Beautiful colors!!

Beautiful array of images and moments Sean! Bravo!!

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