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Shannon was first exposed to Londolozi as a guest when she was a young girl. Straight away she was in awe at the warm feeling she got from the people and the place. After growing up in Johannesburg she graduated with honours in ...

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Wow, you have captured the images of the bush in words so beautifully Shannon and the photographs that accompany the article are absolutely stunning. No matter where one travels in this world, you’ll never ever find sunrises and sunsets and the in-betweens like you find in our Africa.

Thank you, Babs. I have to agree with you, African sunsets & sunrises are just spectacular!

Senior Digital Ranger

Lovely Post Shannon! Thank you for lighting up my morning!!!

I am so glad it had that effect on you, Camille!

Shannon you describe the light so beautifully in all it’s glory. From sunrise to sunset, and all in between you captured it just light a tapestry. The foto’s you showed are absolutely stunning and I can just imagine being there. The light in all it’s glory is magical.

Thank you for your kind words Valmai. I really loved writing this piece, and I am thrilled you enjoyed it too.

Hi Shannon, I can’t pick up a picture amongst the week collection, but if yours were there I would surely choose the cheetah silhouette in the sunset light, really awesome! The starry sky comes next

Thank you, Francesca. There is something truly mystifying about the night sky.

Shannon, Thank you for such an beautifully written story. It immediately took us back to so many special moments at Londolozi. Your storytelling about the different “lights” that are experienced had us dreaming. We loved that you hiked up Ximpalapala. It is a very special place for our family and we have enjoyed some really beautiful sunsets from its peak. We look forwards to connecting with you on our next visit!

This is wonderful to hear, Michael & Terri! Experiencing Londolozi with family is so special, and I hope that we’ll welcome you home again soon for more dreamy light “shows” on Ximpalapala Koppie!

A glorious sunrise in the morning accompanied by all the birds’ songs – there can be nothing better in the African bush. Maybe apart from a similar glorious sunset, ending a wonderful day and after that the great firmament full of starlight. In the bush one can really enjoy these glorious performances of nature because they are not spoiled by light pollution like in the “civilized” world.

You’re absolutely right, Christa. It is just all so glorious, especially out in the bush!

You captured the essence of each of the acts in the Londolzi play!
Nothing compares to the starry nights in the bush,

There is nothing quite as magical as sitting in the Boma, gazing up at the night sky – it’s mesmerizing!

Our most treasured night sky experience was rolling down the airstrip with lights out & engine off looking up at the star show!

Wow, Vin. That really is a very special memory!

Sunrise, sunset, it almost makes no difference. They are beautiful in every way. Shannon, thanks for the wonderful pictures and your commentary on light.

I couldn’t agree with you more, William! The light and all it creates is just, simply beautiful.

What a lovely story of the light one encounters on a full day and night at Londolozi

We are truly lucky to experience it! Thank you, George.

Beautifully poetic! That’s all there is to say.

Thank you so much, Kara.

How poetic your words are in describing the differences in the light at Londolozi during a day Shannon. One of the first things I noticed upon arriving in Africa for the first time was the light. I have always found California sunrises and sunsets to be beautiful, but after that first trip, I had a greater appreciation for how light changes depending on where one is in the world. Somehow, the colors are more intense, saturated whether they are in the sky, or just looking at a grove trees. This was obviously written from your heart as it illustrated your love of light perfectly.

Thank you for your very kind words Denise. I feel so inspired by my surroundings, and appreciating something as simple as light, in all its forms, leaves one with a huge sense of gratitude. I am delighted you feel the same way!

A lovely post Shannon. It seems like every moment can be treasured at Londolozi.

Thank you Barbara, we are truly lucky for all the moments – big and small!

Beautifully poetic post Shannon, and the accompanying photographs perfectly accent your sentiments!

Thank you so much Paul.

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