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on The History Behind The Aloes

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Aloe plants are indeed extraordinary ones. I will try to plant a few in my garden at home as well.
And I Love them because they are loved by sunbirds.
Thanks for the interesting article on these plants

Aloes are such stunning plants and many birds love them. When they are flowering there is a hive of activity around them.

The approach to Founders Camp after disembarking from the vehicle is magical with its aloe display! It’s one of the many things we look forward to on our visits and a great way to be welcomed.

It is such a stunning scene to arrive back to after an enjoyable game drive.

Great Post Sean! We loved seeing the old photos and reading the journal. We were not aware of the place that aloes have in Londolozi’s history. Thanks for uncovering another special nugget of history!

I believe that aloes certainly have a close place to many of the Varty’s hearts. Especially Maidie.

What a beautiful story about the aloes of Londolozi and Maidie. Thanks for sharing Sean.

Thank you so much, William.

Megan, how fascinating to read the background story of how all the aloes came to be present throughout the Londolozi property. During my last stay, there were several vibrant red aloe plants blooming along the path to my room. I stopped to look each day, enjoying their beauty as well as looking for insects, birds or anything else that breathes. It’s good to know that additional aloes are planted each year so that everyone may enjoy their beauty in all areas of the property.

Oops, sorry Sean! I read two blogs back to back and used Megan’s name instead of yours. Regardless, I love the aloes throughout Founders Camp.

No worries. I am glad you love the aloes still.

I always look forward to posts featuring the aloe blooms. I want to plan our next trip in winter specifically to see them (and phenomenal game viewing of course).

I would strongly recommend going for a walk around the camp on your next visit to see the aloes in their full bloom.

Thank you Sean, I loved all the history you provided in this post! So interesting. You caused me to investigate how to grow aloe plants in Canada…indoors only in my region but a website on aloe that I found is called A Care Guide for Canadian Newbies. Perfect!! Hope to see Londolozi’s aloe plants one day soon.

I love going into some of the history behind what makes this place special. I hope you are able to grow a few aloes there successfully.

I am reading a book about aloes right now, and I think I will bring it with me in November and go aloe sighting!

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