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Jenna, the Camp Manager at Tree Camp, grew up in Cape Town, however has spent a bit of time in various places around the globe. She completed a Bachelor of Social Work degree at UCT in 2016 and discovered that the skills and ...

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on Have You Heard About Londolozi’s Village Walk?

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Hi Jenna, the story you have written on the walk sounds absolutely amazing. Just looking at all the pictures and seeing each person doing their part in keeping Londolozi the best Safari Lodge ever. The plan of sustainability and the eco system that has been implemented there, shows what can be done with good planning and people who bring their part in doing just that. Everyone there seems to be so connected to nature and at the same time also providing much needed hospitality to all the guests.

Hi there Valmari,

It’s an incredible place to be as a guest aswell as staff although more like family.

Thanks for taking the time to read the blog!

Londolozi is really far more than “only” a holiday destination. It is a philosophy about life, nature, community, peace, beauty and the pleasure of existing in harmony with all creatures.
I will always remember visiting the beautiful village, the learning center and the crèche with the sweet children singing a welcome song.

Hello Christa! The crèche is one of my favourite places to swing past on my day to day activities. It always brings a smile to my face ! Thanks for reading!

A village walk, a time to slow down and see and feel the spirit of a place. Londolozi village walk is a walk this world and I need to take. Jenna, thanks for sharing this wonderful story.

Thanks for taking the time to read, William! It’s definitely worth it and a great way to use your time in your day here !

So happy to see that you use a sustainable way of producing food, permaculture style, as well as regenerating the bush. I am so hoping it catches on everywhere, really fast, so that we can regenerate parts of the earth that have been seriously violated and it can be rejuvenated. Good to see you have started at your end!!

Senior Digital Ranger

Nice job, Jenna. Yes, the Village Walk was a highlight of my Londolozi experience. Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika.

Hi Jenna, I haven’t yet been to Londolozi but I love following the blog. I hope to visit one day soon, and I will for certain do the village walk. You are lucky to be living in such a special place.

Jenna, Thanks for the reminder about how special the village is and welcome to the wonderful Londolozi family!

A really nice synopsis of what Londolozi is all about Jemma. There needs to be more of the Londolozi philosophy in the world today. How blessed are you to have the opportunity to work there and to be welcomed as part of the big family. Thank you so much for sharing this story with us – thoroughly enjoyed it.

Greetings Jenna,
Thank you for this wonderful article referencing the Village Walk. It should be offered to every guest as it really highlights the property’s dedication to sustainability, conservation and using the tools provided by Mother Nature such as sun for the solar panels. I thoroughly appreciated my tour of the village and look forward to walking through it next time.

Londolozi is much more than a beautiful safari destination as it offers a window into what we all can do to enhance and preserve our resources, all the while adhering to the Ubuntu philosophy.

A village visit is always fun and instructive! We always try to make a visit when we are there! Victoria

Just what the world needs now… to follow in the Londolozi footsteps 🙏🏻❤️

It’s been remarkable watching the devlopment and growth since we first took the walk in 2013, particularly in all kinds of sustainability. That also ignited our passion for the efforts of the GWF.

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