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Dan developed his love for the African bush whilst growing up on a family run farm in the Kwa-Zulu Natal midlands. Growing up in the bushveld he was surrounded by wildlife and finds his passion in what nature has to offer. After completing ...

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on Sunbirds of Londolozi

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Fantastic blog Dan. The aloes were just blooming when I was there in April but unfortunately I never spotted a sunbird. We don’t see these birds in Northern California in my area, just Annas Hummingbirds, Scrub jays and Crows and they’re not too interested in the flowers I have in the yard-maybe it’s time to plant some aloes. Your selection of photos are fantastic!

Hi Dan, this explosion of colours is a therapy! Nature at her best

Dan, Thanks for the education on these gorgeous birds! The info is great and the images are spectacular! We added a couple to our favorites!

Lovely!!! Thank you Dan.

Beautiful birds, captured with great patience . Thanks for sharing one of Londolozi’s easily overlooked species. The plumage is spectacular.

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Wonderful , birds are so much trickier than large mammals to photograph

Beautiful Dan all the sunbird in their stunning Ray of colors. Each and everyone is unique in it’s own way. They always look so happy and very busy. Aloes are also so beautiful with the colors of yellow, reds and orange.

Quite a panoply. Thank you . . . exquisite

Beautiful photos Dan. The sunbirds are exquisite ‼️💓💓

Wow, that are colours. Fantastic. Tried it this year also, but I see I have to learn a lot. Thanks for that blog.

Amazing photos of these colorful and pretty birds.
Nature really is full of wonders, the colors of these birds are just stunning

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Thanks for the bit about sunbirds. They are some of my favorite birds in South Africa. And I’ve always appreciated aloes. Such spectacular colors. But…..my favorites are the proteas. Especially the king proteas. If you drive toward the Cullinan fishing lodge there is a whole hillside covered in proteas.

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What a great article! Such magnificent little birds! I could look at them all day. Such striking plumages – brilliant!

Thanks for a really nice blog Dan on the sunbirds and aloe flowers. I love birds and these birds are exquisite, as are the aloe flowers. The one pic showing the bird with its beak in the flower is amazing, but all are lovely. Thanks for doing your blog on birds – thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thanks, Leonie that was my photo .

Thanks ,Dan for the beautiful blog about the Sunbirds. Sunbirds have always been a special favorite of mine and have planned some previous trips in May when the Aloes are flowering and the Sunbirds are plentiful. I am also honoured that you chose 2 of my photos to use for this blog which I presume you got from the Londolozi archives. They are the male Scarlet Chested Sunbird up close in the middle of the photos and the White bellied male which was the last one. I took them in May 2014.

Stunning photos, Dan!

Interesting post with lovely photos. I had recently read article on sunbirds that discusses how their iridescent feathers heat up more in the sun than other types of feathers, so they will dart from the flowers into more shady areas. So sunbirds don’t spend too much of their time in the hot sun!

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