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Shannon was first exposed to Londolozi as a guest when she was a young girl. Straight away she was in awe at the warm feeling she got from the people and the place. After growing up in Johannesburg she graduated with honours in ...

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on Rhino Guardians This World Rhino Day

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Shannon, thank you for this blog, highlighting the Tracker Academy and by extension, the soon-to-be Rhino Guardian training program. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for more of the SabiSand residents to learn a skill that will provide them an income as well as protect our precious Rhinos. I appreciate the link to Alex and have contacted him about helping.
I hope other bloggers and guests will help as well!

It certainly is a wonderful opportunity Denise, I’m thrilled to hear that you and Alex are in touch!

Shannon, I really enjoyed reading this blog and I thank you for sharing it. I am so glad that both of these initiatives not only help preserve your beautiful wildlife, but also give people jobs and a skill. This is a win-win situation for wildlife and people. I will contact Alex to enquire about how to help financially. Thanks again.

It certainly is a win-win scenario Leonie! I look forward to reporting more on the progress of the Rhino Guardians project in the future, and am thrilled to hear you and Alex are in touch!

Shannon, thank you for the blog about the tracker Academy. It is truly a needed and wonderful thing to help continue the support of our natural wildlife. The Academy also is a great school for giving opportunity to many people.

Thank you so much, William. It is an amazing initiative, and we are very excited about it!

I wish them all the highest rate of success, from the bottom of my heart!

Thank you so much Francesca!

Senior Digital Ranger

Great blog piece. So nice to learn more and more of how Londolozi and the people of South Africa are working hard to protect these iconic species!

Thank you Johanna, we are very passionate about this project.

Hi Shannon, thanks for the blog and great information on protecting the spectacular beasts. Your story of falling in love with Londolozi as a little girl and now making it your home is so cool. I visited in June and can’t get it out of my mind and soul! Reaching out to Alex….

Hi Rob! Londolozi has always felt like home to me, and being a part of this family truly is so special. We hope to welcome you back soon.

What a wonderful idea, this combination and extension of the tracker academy with the rhino guards.
It is so good to know that these wonderful and precious rhinos will be well protected in the future so that their numbers might even grow.

Thank you Christa, we are very excited to see how this project is going to develop & grow in the future!

Thanks for your story on the tracker academy which makes a huge difference in the guiding world. Now that there will be a Rhino Guardian program is welcomed as our beautiful animals are poached daily. Thank you Alex and Renais for this program that will certainly help protect our beautiful beloved Rhino’s.

Thank you Valmai, we are so thrilled to have partnered with Tracker Academy once again to create this very exciting project!

Shannon, Thanks for a fantastic post. The plight of the Rhinos is real and this next step towards their protection is brilliant. We wish we could be at the dinner with Alex and Renias, but will have to settle for contributing to the event!

Thank you Michael & Terri, we are thrilled to be a part of this project!

Brilliant and inspiring efforts all around Shannon! Will reach out to Alex to see how we can support from here is California!

Thank you so much Paul, The Rhino Guardians project is certainly exciting and I’m thrilled you’ve made contact with Alex.

Shannon this is an incredible post. What an exciting and desperately needed project. Is shocking how few people know about the plight of the rhino. I have been in touch with Alex thank you for providing his information. Also just a thought but this amazing project should absolutely be shared with the guests when in camp – I think they would be thrilled to find ways to help. Thanks

Thank you so much, Kara. The Rhino Guardians project is so important and I agree, critical to its success is the understanding from all Londolozi family.

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