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Garrett has always had an incredible love for the wilderness and found his way to Londolozi straight after University. After spending time as a Londolozi Camp Manager, the incredible stories of daily sightings from his ranger counterparts and guests alike pushed him to ...

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on Wildlife Conservation: Protecting Biodiverse Safe Havens

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Thanks Garrett for the update on Londolozi’s conservation programs.

Garrett, really enjoyed this view behind the scenes and the videos were excellent! Thank you for reminding us all that we really need to appreciate the tracking heroes that habituated the Londolozi (& greater Sabi Sands) leopards for us to view!

Thanks for this insight into conservation that is so important in my opinion as well for Africa and indeed the whole world. This conservation point is exactly the point why I love coming to Africa and going on safaris (well, the pleasure of watching all these wonderful animals is maybe even somewhat more important and enjoying the African hospitality as well, which is just amazing). However, sometimes people sk me, why I am doing this: spending – to be honest- an incredible amount of money on safaris. My answer is always: thus I am contributing to your efforts to protect wild and precious animals. Without eco-tourism, without guests being willing to spend lots of money on safaris and in eco-friendly lodges, there would probably not be many animals around any more.

Christa, I could not agree more.

Garrett the Trackers are the heroes and the conservationist are the healers of the land. Due to those Trackers we can now see these illusive cats in their own environment and also see the wonders of nature enfold before us. Thank you for these videos and thank you for the stunning fotos of these beautiful animals.

Yes, they are true heroes and healers. Well said.

Garrett Ireally enjoyed your blog and loved the videos. Londolozi is a very special place and I commend you all for everything you are doing to protect your beloved wildlife. Also a shout out to the great trackers, without them you would be lost. Thank you to each and every one of you at Londolozi.

Garrett, this was a fantastic article but I especially liked the accompanying videos. I’m proud to support the anti-poaching organizations throughout Africa as it’s not only to their benefit but for the planet as well. David Attenborough speaks from his heart and we’re all the better for not only his words, but his documentary work as well. I appreciate all the work Londolozi has done since it’s inception to keep wilderness wild and it’s inhabitants safe. I commend all of the reserves within SabiSand for all of their efforts to conserve, protect and educate so that we observers may continue to enjoy the pleasures of nature and in so doing, truly live life.

I agree, Denise, because if we cannot – or will not – save the iconic animals of Africa, we will not save the planet.

Great Article – and why our anti-poaching nonprofit has 15 of our donors visiting there in November! I tell everyone: Spend the money! There is no better way to have a joyous experience and save animals at the same time! Worth every cent. Love the Tracker Academy, the trackers, and everyone who works in eco-tourism. And thanks goodness for the new technology to combine with the age old tracking skills, especially to save those “chubby unicorns”:-) THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Such an important blog and information, thanks for sharing

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