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As a young boy growing up on an agricultural farm in Zimbabwe, Sean spent every opportunity entertaining himself outdoors, camping in the local nature reserve and learning about all facets of the natural world. After completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental ...

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on What Does World Rhino Day Mean to Us?

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Hi Sean, thank you for the beautiful video and drawings I’m sharing. I hope Asiatic people will be educated as well on the fact that rhino horns, tiger and lion bones and testicles and elephant tusks do not contain any magic power. I heard that 70 leopards are destinatated to trophy hunting in Botswana and more in South Africa; i hope you leopards will stay safe in Londolozi…

You are welcome, Francesca. I am sure the animals at Londolozi are a lot safer than many other places. Lets just hope that through awareness we can see many others far beyond the limitations of the private reserves.

Thoughtful & insightful entry, Sean. We had the opportunity to interact with members of the boots on the ground security team about their vigilance–very impressive.

Thanks, Vin.

Hi Sean
Thanks for the text and the photos. I often think that my grandchildren may not be able any more to watch these beautiful animals in the bush when they are grown up. Which is so sad.
So it is wonderful that there are still a few save havens for these animals like Londolozi and other places.
Let’s hope that they remain what they are.

Thank you, Christa. Lets remain positive and work as hard as we can to ensure that there are the safe havens for these amazing animals so that they will still be around for all of our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

Thank you, Christa. Let’s us remain positive and work as hard as we can to ensure that there are the safe havens for these amazing animals so that they will still be around for all of our grandchildren and their grandchildren.

And, by the way, this video clip of the leopard on a bolder and the rhino next to it, is just amazing.

Thank you.

Hi Sean, firstly congratulations is in order to you Sean and your spouse for the coming birth of your first child. May the experience of becoming a new daddy and mommy be a wonderful, joyful and loving experience for you and your wife. Rhino day is special and should be a highlight in everyone’s day. That huge magnificent animal needs all the protection it can get from all the reserves that keep rhinos. To preserve them for our children to see them and also the tourists that come from all over the world to see them. It is a mammoth task and very necessary to go all out, to protect and preserve these wonderful animals.

What an amazing view-leopard with rhino, thank you for that special story.

Congratulations Sean on your first child! Rhinos are such an icon of Africa, it would be a shame if future generations don’t have them to marvel and be inspired by!

First of all Sean, congratulations on your first child due in a week or so. Exciting times ahead for sure!
Thank you, and the Londolozi family for all you do to protect the animals within your reserve and to support all other properties’ efforts to do the same. It’s great to hear that major tech companies have invested in the electronic aspects of assisting the ground troops in stopping poachers from entering the property, yet it needs to go further by pushing the education aspect – horns have NO medicinal properties, nor bones or any other part of animals, especially endangered/vulnerable species. The trade routes have to stop, fines, prison terms need to be tightened…. It’s somewhat overwhelming but I believe each of us matter in how we address the issues, whether it be with $$ donations or lobbying. The videos were insightful and factual-thank you.

PS. Love the drawing and will pass along to friends with children.

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Congrats Sean! I bet you can’t wait to meet your new bundle due very soon! A lovely article too.

Sean, This is a really powerful post! Both videos are really well done and we have shared them. Plus our grandkids will be busy coloring the Rhino graphic! Thanks for the reminder of how hard Londolozi and others are working to protect these amazing animals! Well done once again!

Congrats on the imminent birth of your first child! Yes, as parents and grandparents, it really saddens me to think that these animals and many others may very well not survive human pressure and greed for our younger generations to see in the wild. I love being in the bush and soaking up everything that it means and brings…..

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Congrats on the new baby! Enjoyed the video and the ideas for using technology to minimize poaching. Good luck!

It’s so encouraging to see tech companies joining forces to help combat rhino poaching. There are times when I dislike modern tech but for this purpose and the use of the internet to help educate and spread the word it is certainly worth it. Thank you too, to everyone at Londolozi who take the time to record sightings, educate and care for the future of our children’s children.
Sean, wishing you and your spouse a lifetime of love and laughter with your little bundle.🙏💖.who I would imagine may have arrived by now as I’m a bit behind on the blog !

Sean this is a really nice blog and I have to say I got a bit teary eyed at the plight of the rhino. I applaud Londolozi for doing all they do to protect these magnificent animals. It is heartwarming to know that their numbers are increasing. If only we could do away with the poachers and those that believe rhino horn , elephant tusks, lion parts all have medicinal values. It is good that you are teaching kids the value of saving the wildlife – they are the ones who will hopefully carry the torch (so to speak) when we are no longer here. Thank you for sharing with us.

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