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Ntomi 3:3 Male

Ntomi 3:3 Male

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Nick has always loved the outdoors and never turns down an opportunity for an adventure. After finishing high school in Johannesburg, where he grew up, Nick spent a gap year in the Zimbabwean bushveld which truly sparked his love for wildlife and conservation ...

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on The Joy of Tracking

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Congratulations on your new position and I hope your tracking lessons will bring you many successful sightings going forward. I’m always amazed by the skills of the tracker on any drive and always look over the side of the Landy to see if I can spot what they’ve seen – sometimes yes, mostly no!

Thank you Denise. The experiences and lessons I have had in the bush so far have been nothing short of incredible. It amazes me how Joy is able to pick up on the faintest of tracks on the road!

And absolute Art and rewarding skillset! it opens your senses to a higher level making one to absorb, listen and sense more.

I couldn’t agree more Gawie, thanks for the comment.

Great post! Just spent a week at Londolozi with Nick and Joy and together they delivered an exceptional experience in the bush! Had many amazing sightings and learned a ton along the way!

Thank you, Thom. Joy and I enjoyed a wonderful experience with you a few weeks back!

While tracking is a skill which can be learned it takes patience and experience to master . Having a good tracker would be indispensable in the bush veld of Africa. I am a novice who only learned a little over the years so I admire good trackers. Thanks for the update Nick.

Thanks William! We are very fortunate at Londolozi to work as a guide and tracker team, which is something very unique.

Nick you have certainly made the right choice from changing your career from a corporate world to the bush world. You have so many opportunities know and with Joy by your side you two are going to be a formidable duo. Good luck in your guiding abilities and may you enjoy every moment of guiding, and learning tracking abilities from Joy.

Thank You, Valmai. I am looking forward to learning from Joy and the adventures ahead.

We have had 2 great experiences with Joy, impressed with his professional growth from the first to the second. (Sean & Greg)
Please tell him hello from us and ask him how his golf game is improving.

Joy is a pleasure to work with and his tracking gets better every day. I will pass on your regards to him!

Great article, Nick.

Thanks Christa.

I was very interested in the methods used to determine the age of animal tracks. I never thought about those crisp edges or blowing twigs and or their detritus commented on. Thank you again for the education

It’s a pleasure, Carolyn. The skill that trackers have to age tracks is terrific!

This is an incredible blog. I have never been less than in awe by the Trackers at Londolozi. The interaction between the Tracker and the Ranger is a sight/sound to behold. All the best for much success.

Thank you very much, Jeff. I have learnt a great deal from Joy already and I just know there is so much more to learn.

Tracking is hard work, art, psychology, science, animal behavior, storytelling and ultimately, MAGIC. Last year, on safari, we tracked Hosana for 3 days…..3 long hot days of trying to think like a leopard, and feel like a leopard and act like a leopard. Finally we found him!! What a relief, what excitement, what a sense of acccomplishment!

Hello Lisa, Thanks for sharing your exciting experience tracking Hosana. You have highlighted the essence of what a tracker aims to achieve and there is no better feeling than tracking and finding a leopard!

I just had the extreme privilege of having Nick & Joy as my guide and tracker during my 10 day stay at Founders Camp & I can attest to their devotion and persistence in ensuring that I got not only the opportunity to view the big 5 exhibiting a variety of behaviors but they both focused on positioning the truck in such a way to give me the best photographic angle to capture the animal. As a photographer with a keen interest in getting the “money” shot I truly appreciated their efforts. While I have some experience in capturing wildlife I really appreciated Nick’s input and suggestions in maximizing my shot.

This is my second visit to Londolozi in 2 years and I’m already planning my 2023 visit and will definitely request Nick & Joy to be my guide & tracker.

Thank You Di. It was an absolute pleasure driving you at Londolozi and what an amazing 10 days it was. Joy and I are Looking forward to your return soon.

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