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Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

Senegal Bush 3:3 Male

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Maxim's 5:3 Male

Maxim's 5:3 Male

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Nkuwa 3:3 Female

Nkuwa 3:3 Female

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on The Week in Pictures #560

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Senior Digital Ranger

As usual lots of amazing images but my favorite this time is the black & white pic of the Senegal Bush Male. Thanks for sharing,Sean.

Thanks so much, Marc. It is a fantastic shot.

Nkuhuma cubs are today my favourite photos. Young as they are one can already see the forceful, no nonsense look in the eyes.

The Nkuhuma cubs are so cute but yes there is that look in their eyes.

There are some fabulous predator images this week, but I’m going with Rob’s priceless photo of the grumpy looking Maxim male, salivating profusely. I’m thinking he’s pondering what he might do if he engaged physically with the Senegal Bush male, yet these older, well-seasoned males tend to avoid conflict in fear of becoming injured. Kate’s b/w image is also quite compelling. I truly look forward to every Friday and Sunday to get my armchair safari fix. Thank you Sean!!

That is a great shot of the Maxim’s Male. I am so glad you enjoy the TWIP and Virtual Safari.

Love the red-breasted swallow photo!!

Thanks so much, Callum. It is just something a little different.

Wow, what a great TWIP! I was wondering, though, if the Nkuwa female has lost her cub given her being seen mating with the Senegal Bush male?

Another great week in photos Sean. Loved the photo of the bataleur, such a beautiful bird. Some of the commentary tugged at my heart strings! Just wondered, do the lights from the vehicle bother the animals’ night vision, do you know?

Thanks so much, Barbara. Bateleurs are magnificent birds. As far as we are aware and with all the research I have done, the spotlights do not affect a lion’s vision at night. But if you look carefully the light is actually shining on the ground near to her so it isn’t directly in her face.

I understand…thank you Sean!

Many great ones to pick from, but I think Jess Shillow’s photo of the Senegal Bush male is my pick! Beautifully done!

Thank you so much, Darlene.

Red-breasted swallow gets my vote–terrific composition! That’s a lot of work to build a nest.

Thank you so much, Vin. It is a huge amount of work to build a nest.

Thank you for the pics of the Senegal Bush Male – it’s been awhile! Love him❤️ My favorite is the B&W of him looking up! I do miss his snarl😂. All great images though…hard to chose just one!

Thank you so much, Lori. It is an incredible image of him.

It’s amazing to see a herd of elephants wandering across the airstrip, from which I flew out of Londolozi a few years ago.

It is amazing to see elephants out in the open on the airstrip.

Sean, my favorite picture this week is the Nkuhuma cub just before feeding on the waterbuck carcass. Very intense stare.

Thank you so much, William. It is a very intense stare indeed.

Such wonderful photos! Thanks!
I think, this week I like the elephants crossing the airstrip best.
However, as usual, ALL photos are just wonderful.

Thank you so much, Christa.

Too many beautiful and meaningful photos as usual making the choice sooo hard… this week I’ll pick the Nkuhuma cubs and the Senegal Bush male equally, as they epitomise youth and older age, innocence and experience, safety and a sort of defeat. Second place the wildebeest as I guess nobody would!

Thank you so much, Francesca. Those are some great choices.

Glad to know that Nkuwa is mating with Senegal Bush Male (aka Kunyuma…)….if her cubs with Hosana couldn’t survive his death, then maybe her cubs with his older brother, SBM, will…..and still pass on the incredible legacy of Karula (both males’ mother)!

Let’s hope so, Lisa. It is however great to have leopards mating on Londolozi at the moment.

Hi Sean this week my favorite foto is the Nkuhuma cub looking up while eating. Such a beautiful foto and the other foto of the other cub is also a stunning. Can not wait for Friday’s for the TWIP’S foto’s and Sundays for the video. You are doing a fantastic job Sean and we applaud you!!!

Thank you so much, Valmai. I am so glad you are enjoying the TWIPs and Virtual Safaris.

Is that a pic of one of the Plaines Camp Males, with a few older injuries and limp to his walk?

No that is one of the Ndzhenga Males.

Great selection of photos this week! Interesting that the two Nkuhuma lionesses (sisters/littermates born December 2012, the cubs belong to the “ridge-nosed lioness” while the amber-eyed female has yet to produce a litter with the Plains Camp Males; her son and two surviving daughters born under the Avocas – of originally 4 cubs – are back north in the Sabi Sands) made their way east onto Londolozi. Also love the photos of the Senegal Bush Male. He may be getting older but it is great that he is still holding territory.

Thank you so much, Michael. Yes, it is interesting that they have some east on Londolozi.

Master Tracker

Some super piccies , loved the lion cubs and the snarling leopard 🐆

The contrast between the sweet, innocent face of the lion cub framed by the rawness of the dead kudu carcass did it for me this week.

The Senegal Bush Male is starting to look especially tattered as time passes, although no doubt he’s still an impressive leopard.

Also enjoyed the monkey. 🐒

It was rather contrasting to have the cute young cubs and then a dead carcass nearby.

So many great shots, but that b/w of the Senegal Bush Male is iconic!!!

Thank you so much, Paul.

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