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Kelsey has many fond memories of family bush and camping trips across South Africa when she was growing up and for her, this sparked a growing love for the wilderness and opportunities to seek new adventures. Although she studied BComm Financial Management and ...

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on Goosebumps in the Wild

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Indeed, Kelsey, one of the best experiences in the bush is hearing a lion’s roar.
And being able to watch lions and porcupines together is also dramatic.
And the best moment is the one when one’s plane touches down on an airfield of Londolozi, e.g. and the guide is waiting for you ready to take you to a wonderful bush experience.

I agree Christa, all amazing bush experiences starting from the moment you land! 🙂

I agree 100% with you! There’s nothing comparable to a male lion’s roar, it vibrates through you… my feeling is elation! I feel small in front of the king. Who’s that magnificent male of the video? He is gorgeous and has an incredible mane

Absolute elation for sure Francesca! It is the Othawa Male in the video.

Kelsey the roar of a lion would make anyone get goose bumps especially when you are so near the lion. What an experience and feeling to hear that sound so nearby. I have seen the impala herd early in the morning, it seems as if their skin also gets goose bumps from the cold. Loved your foto of the two Nyala bull sizing each other up. We have Nuala bulls here where we stay and one of them comes through our houses to eat lusern and pellets. We stay in a nature reserve and I love it here with all these wild animals.

The roar of a lion up close is certainly an experience you will never forget! That’s great to hear you have Nyala bulls so close by 🙂

A nice blog Kelsey. Gotta love the roaring lion. As someone pointed out, it sounds like a V8 engine. Love the way he was looking straight at the vehicle while doing that – “I am lion, hear me roar”. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you Leonie, it sure does have some resemblance to a V8!

Kelsy, while I would like to think my primal instincts are behind me goosebumps just remind me how close they are. Thanks for the reminder. LOL

Haha my pleasure William!

Funny thought it may sound I find myself getting the goosebumps a lot on safari. There is always something awe inspiring happening! How amazing is that !

I agree Kara, always something awe-inspiring and giving you that goosebumps feeling!

Good article Kelsey as you’ve touched on a sensation that most of us feel the moment we arrive to begin a safari. Whether it’s the sight of the first animal, or being welcomed by the camp staff, our senses are at complete attention. My first goosebump moment last year was seeing the Senegal Bush male during my first afternoon drive. I could hardly keep still! After that, it only got better and better during the next week. I hadn’t thought of animals reacting to various experiences in the bush by exhibiting their own type of goosebumps, but it does make sense. Something more to watch for while out exploring.

Thank you Denise, it really is a complete sensory overload from the moment you arrive. What a great start to your last visit! Definitely keep a look out on your next trip.

Another great read from Londolozi! Thank you Kelsey.

Always a pleasure Hayley!

All the time. Being on safari is a spiritual experience for me.

I agree Lisa! Thanks for reading 🙂

Very cool Kelsey!

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