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Growing up in the small coastal town of Mtunzini afforded Matt a childhood of endless adventures and the freedom to explore the rich diversity of animal and plant life in the area. He thus developed his passion for wildlife at a young age. ...

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on How do Animals Keep Warm in Winter?

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Matt, thanks for a really interesting blog post. It is really interesting to see how the wildlife handles the change in seasons! You presented in a way that was not too technical and easily understood. 😉

Quite interesting for us, since we have only visited in winter. We love experiencing the rapidly chnging temeprature as the sun climbs. Early coffee in the bush just tastes better!

I wonder what the animals would say about the cold winter months, whether they like winter or not. An interesting article on the different strategies those animals have to cope with winter.

I find that the most interesting aspect of your article Matt is how frogs survive the cold winter months through estivation. It doesn’t seem possible that bullfrogs can bury themselves in mud, covered by a membrane, and survive until the summer when the rains return. I was also surprised to read that the foam nest frog had made its home on the window frame! The adaptation to the seasons by all flora and fauna is certainly evolutionary, so I wonder how the polar bears, fur seals, walrus , etc will adapt as climate warming continues to erode their environment, making it more difficult for them to thrive.

Matt, thanks for this interesting update on winter survival for the animals of Londolozi.

Matt I’m sure it is cold on the Land Rovers early in the morning for the drives, hope the guests dress warm enough and experience the bush in the winter months. Foto’s are beautiful especially the Nuala and kudu which we don’t always see. Luckily Londolozi got good rain and it should help to keep the grass in good condition for the dry winter period, until the first rains come.

Some of the most underrated safari necessities: warm hat, gloves, thick scarf! I love winters in the bush! The sense of anticipation……….

Senior Digital Ranger

Very nice discussion! I love the winters in the Bushveld and Lowveld with cold nights and warmer days with bright blue skies and less green vegetation that allows better game viewing. On the other hand, Spring has lots of newly-born animals and they are fun to watch.

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