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Stone Drift 3:2 Female

Stone Drift 3:2 Female

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on Virtual Safari: Ultimate Game Drive Highlights #124

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Senior Digital Ranger

It made my morning to see the Tsalala female. I always think and pray for her. She seems to have been calling? Do you suspect this was to attract a mate?

Senior Digital Ranger

I now wonder whether she was calling for one of the lionesses from the Mhangeni pride that she appears to have formed a bond with. I hope so. She deserves companionship.

It is always a great sight to see the Tsalala Female. She was calling, but I am not too sure if she was maybe calling trying to meet up with a male or if she was maybe calling out of frustration at the impala continuously alarming at her. I have seen this before.

Beautiful photography and videography Sean. Very impressive. Can’t wait to view Londolozi live very soon. 🎥👍😍👋🤩

Thank you so much, Joel.

The inquisitive giraffes were very amusing, particularly the last two who approached the leopard.

They were indeed very amusing. It is so entertaining how they approach a predator such as a leopard.

Sean, have you ever seen giraffe come so close to a leopard before? (can’t imagine they would do that with a lion). She didn’t seem remotely interested by their inspection of her.

I have never seen a giraffe come this close to a leopard. It is highly unlikely that the giraffe would do that to a lion, it is probably a little risky to get that close.

Fantastic to see Tsalala female and she does look fantastic. I read that she may have formed a bond with a pregnant Mhagene female seen in Dulini but perhaps she is just exploring options rather than remaining on her own. How does a lioness know when she’s reached a reproductive state or will the males determine by her scent?
The Nkoveni female has found a terrific vantage point to watch the world go by, whilst posing no threat. She’s looking so big now. Thank you once again for another interesting armchair safari!

It was fantastic to see the Tsalala Female again. I am interested to see how this turns out with the Mhangeni Lioness or if it is just a temporary bond.

It’s good to know that the Tsalala lioness is well. She really looks very healthy. I am looking forward to hearing that she is pregnant. She was calling a little. Who is she calling for? As she has no pride or mother?
The scenes with the young leopardess and the giraffes is very funny indeed. I wonder what is going on in the giraffes’ minds when they come across such a leopard. Would be interesting to know.
Thanks once again for the amazing videos.

The Tsalala Female is looking healthy. She was probably calling out of frustration at the impala for continuously alarm-calling at her. I have seen that happen a few times before. But there is also a chance that she may be calling for another lion.

Senior Digital Ranger

Tsalala female… I am so HAPPY!! Thank you Barry for finding her! The footage of her and of the Nkoveni Young Female was very special! Woohoo!

Thank you so much, Johanna. It was so great to see the Tsalala Female as well as the Nkoveni Young Female.

Oh Sean what a surprise to see the Tsalala female this week. She is just looking so increasingly great, full belly and resting, hope she survives being so alone. Giraffe’s were so close to the Nkoveni cub, so beautiful to see and off course the cub is know all grown up and looking stunning.

The Tsalala Female is doing so well. The Nkoveni Cubs are thriving and they do look stunning.

Twip is another great video Sean. Thanks for sharing the interesting non interaction between the young leopard and the giraffe’s.

Thank you so much, William.

I love watching the virtual safaris. I feel I am right there in the vehicle on a game drive. Were the giraffes concerned about the Nkoveni Young female’s presence as they didn’t know where the mother might be nor when she would return to her cub?

I am so glad that you enjoy the virtual safaris. I think the giraffes were concerned about the leopard that was rather than any other leopard that may be around.

The Tsalala female looks perfect, she only needs her own pride now. How nice to watch the interaction between the Nkoveni young females and the giraffe! Really nice, all so peaceful and relaxing

She is thriving now and is in such good condition. The Nkoveni Young Females are also doing so well.


It is always great to see the Tsalala Female.

Are lions ok being solitary (females in particular)? Tsalala female has been alone quite some time now it seems 🙁

Lions are able to thrive by themselves, we have seen them adapt to more of a leopard-like lifestyle. She has been alone for a while but her mother was also alone for quite some time.

Yes She was!! It has been tough for them But…. They have managed to survive!!! Knowing them since 2011 is the reason she is very important to me!!! Thank you so much for letting me know they can thrive ok by themselves!!!! They surely have proven that!!

Beautiful Tsalala! Hoping that she stays with the Mangheni lioness!

Let’s hope so, She has done so well up until now.

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