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Kyle was born and raised in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe. His childhood was spent scurrying barefooted along the banks of various rivers and dams, fishing rod ever-in-hand, enjoying the beauty and freedom of outdoors. Kyle obtained a degree in construction from UCT ...

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on My Favourite Place on Londolozi

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So beautifully written Kyle. I could visualise, even without the photos, the serenity and wonder of this almost sacred place. Londolozi has many special places.
I have never heard of a hamerkop and had to reach out to Google. It looks like a cross between our spoonbill and our heron. I’m amazed that for a medium sized bird it builds a nest up to 2 metres wide that can take the weight of a man! Extraordinary! Why? Why does it need such a large and strong nest?

Thanks Jennifer, it is such a special place for me. And yes, Hamerkops are exceptionally strange birds – actually the only species of bird in their genus! The nest is used year in and year out and so must remain quite sturdy; they build onto it constantly and it just gains in structural stability each year. Really, it is a bit overkill but definitely an effective safe place to raise chicks!

Anywhere with trees, a large pond, stream or river, and birds is a favorite of mine. This sounds heavenly.

Exactly. Just the babble of a flowing stream can have such a calming effect on anyone who takes a second to listen.

Kyle, Thanks for the introduction to this special place! It sounds wonderful. We will definitely plan to experience it ourselves on our next visit!

Hi Michael and Terri, I am so glad you are keen to see it. You will love it!

Kyle, thanks for sharing one of Londolozi’s secrets . We all have those special places where we can go to reconnect.

Thanks you for reading, William. I am glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you*

Kyle it is so beautiful and just by looking at that beauty you get the sense of absolute peace and quiet. Nor wander you say this is your favorite place. We have just moved to Kranspoort and here are antelope, Zebra guinea fowls, wildebeest, giraffe, bushpigs and many different species of birds. It is so quiet here and all you want to do is sit on your veranda and wait for the Kudu’s or the Inyala or Impala’s to come and eat there lusern and pellets. Very calming affect these animals have on a person.

Thank you Valmai, I am glad you enjoyed the read. Your new place sounds beautiful! Nature in any form is so good for the soul.

Loved your beautiful description of this magical place. Makes me want to go there immediately.

Thanks Celeste, hopefully we’ll see you soon!

Well written Kyle- a tranquil location.
I love spending time on the spillway watching the various species which “hang out” there!

Thanks Vin. The causeway is a great spot to just sit and watch the world go by. Always something exciting happening there!

Another spellbinding description by one of Londolozi’s best scribes. You truly have a gift for writing and you found a beautiful model for those last two shots! I wouldn’t be able to make that journey with you (balance issues) but perhaps you could show it to my better half soon!

Bob, you are too kind, sir! Thank you for reading and I will be sure to tell Harleigh too. Prof and I would definitely be keen to take Lucie for a stroll into that area at some point, I think she’d love it. We’re all looking forward to seeing you two soon!

Tell H to start thinking about a day she can go out with us!

This would certainly be one of my favorite places in Londolozi if a guide took me there. I once had the pleasure of having a picknick on a spot on the river which was also very beautiful. And another favorite spot for me is the terrace of Tree House where you seem to be sitting right in the middle of all those palm trees and shrubs and the elephants walk past you. Great Place!

That sounds very special Christa. The place I am referring to is very near to where you would have been actually! There are a lot of very special places here.

Kyle, your eloquence with words describing this special place is so intoxicating, almost inviting us to come discover for ourselves. The photos are beautiful and really tell your story about the uniqueness of this hidden gem.
During my stay there last year, my special place was in a part of the Manyelethi riverbed, where we enjoyed a jaffle brunch, a little haven in the bush.
Closer to home , there’s a special place in a regional park a few miles away, where the trail follows and crosses a little creek at times – when we’ve had rain. There is a place in a clearing where you’re surrounded by the mountains, a craggy bluff where the peregrine falcons nest, and and there’s always a soft breeze. If we take the time to look, there’s always a special place that can be found.

Thank you, Denise. Maybe next time, you will take a walk around the area and see it for yourself! But there are also few things better than a jaffle in the bush. Your more local special place sounds magical, you definitely need to have these places to get away from the business of the world these days.

The lookout above the bend in the Manyeleti River and standing in the middle of the Sand River in front of Taylor’s house on a winter’s morning.

Al, that sounds about right, the river steaming in the frosty morning air backlit by the rising sun. Gorgeous.

So very beautiful….what a great place to explore!

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